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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Demolition Man

Demolition Man

-A police officer named John Spartan is cryogenically frozen in the year 1996 after trying to capture a criminal named Simon Phoenix. This criminal is "thawed" years later, in the far future and finds that he is living in a crime free society where cussing is not allowed and it is almost like a peaceful hippie commune where violence is not allowesd. In order to capture him, the local police thaw police officer John Spartan to go after him. He is unfortunately unfamiliar with the ways of the new future and it's up to officer Lenina Huxley to show him around.

Wow, what a chest!! Sexy!!!!

-Sylvester Stallone: John Spartan
-Sandra Bullock: Lenina Huxley
-Wesley Snipes: Simon Phoenix
-Nigel Hawthorne: Dr. Raymond Cocteau
-Benjmain Bratt: Alfredo Garcia
-Bob Gunton: Chief George Earle
-Glenn Shadix: Associate Bob
-Denis Leary: Edgar Friendly
-Grand L. Bush: Zachary Lamb: Young
-Pat Skipper: Helicopter pilot

Did You Know?
-The name of the movie is taken from a song by The Police of the same name
-In the movie, Wesley Snipes hits and kicks look odd. In real life, he holds a black belt in karate
-There is also a scene of brief nudity. In one scene, Sylvester Stallone is seen almost completely nude

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