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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas
-Arthur is the son of Santa. And he has now discovered the answer to the decades old, frequently asked question "How does Santa deliver all the gifts in one night? And that answer is a high tech sleigh and a high tech operation center under the North Pole

-And on Christmas Eve, Santa is preparing to go on his 70th Christmas Night run, and a letter comes in from a girl named Gwen Hines, from 23 Mimosa Avenue, Trelew, Cornwall, England. One night, a child almost sees Santa and when the elves see it, an elf presses a button, causing one gift to go unnoticed. An elf named Bryony finds it and sees it goes to Gwen Hines, who wanted a pink Twinkle bike for Christmas. So it's up to Grandsanta and his sleigh, Evie and it's 8 reindeer to save Christmas from being ruined for a little girl in England
-James McAvoy: Arthur
-Hugh Laurie: Steve
-Bill Nighy: Grandsanta
-Jim Broadbent: Santa
-Imelda Staunton: Mrs. Claus
-Ashley Jensen: Bryony
-Marc Wootton: Peter
-Laura Linney: S1 North Pole Computer
-Eva Longoria: Chief De Silva
-Ramona Marquez: Gwen

-Michael Palin: Ernie Clicker
-Joan Cusack: Lead Elf

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