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Monday, September 10, 2012

Looney Tunes: Something I Still Watch and Laugh At

Looney Tunes
-Warner Brothers animated cartoon show
-Preceded the Merrie Melodies cartoons, which had singing creatures in it
-This company is still popular among kids, adults, etc.
-Features some of the most well known cartoon characters, such as:
 -Bugs Bunny
 -Daffy Duck
 -Tweety Bird
 -Porky Pig
-From 1942-1969 was the most popular cartoon show in theatres, even exceeding Disney


-From 1934-1943, Merrie Melodies were made in color and Looney Tunes in black and white
-In 1935, Porky Pig was invented and in 1937, along came Daffy Duck and in 1940, Bugs Bunny
-Bugs made his appearances in mostly Merrie Melodies shorts because of Leon Schlesinger
-During the 1960s, most of the cartoons were made from DePatie-Freleng Enterprises after Warner Brothers shut down their production and animation studios
Every cartoon, except for Hare Tonic and Baseball Bugs, ended with Porky busting out of the drum, instead of Bugs and saying "th-th-th-that's all folks!"
-During the 1950s and 1960s, these cartoons started getting geared more towards children and during the 1970s, they started getting edited because of cartoon violence, racial and ethnic caricatures(specifically of blacks, Jews, Asians, Native Americans, Germans as Nazis, and Mexicans) and vices, such as smoking cigarettes, taking pills and drinking alcohol
-In the 1970s through the early 1990s, most Looney Tunes cartoons focused on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.In the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? many Looney Tunes characters made a cameo, such as Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat and Tweety, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam.
-In 1996, the movie Space Jam came out. This had a lot of Looney Tunes characters in it as well. This movie also introduced a new character, Lola Bunny

1997-Present Day
-There have even been video games made including these characters. Some of them include Looney Tunes Timebusters, Looney Tunes Lost in Time on PlayStation (These games are so much fun, I have them at home!), Taz: Wanted
-And also there have been spin-offs, such as Baby Looney Tunes



Angus MacRory
-Kilt wearing Scotsman, who challenges Bugs to a game of golf
-First episode seen in: "My Bunny Lies Over the Sea"
Barnyard Dawg
-Basset hound, enemy of Foghorn Leghorn
-Most commonly seen: in any cartoon with Foghorn Leghorn, a chicken who repeats himself
Three Little Bops
-3 little jazz musicians that the Big Band Wolf is determined to join. Also the nephews of Porky Pig
-First episode seen in: "Three Little Bops"
Bruno Bear
-Russian accented bear who is the star in a circus until Bugs replaces him
-First episode seen in: "Big Top Bunny"
Bugs Bunny
-Created in 1938. He is a gray hare or rabbit, with a strong, pronounced New York accent, and is a big trickster
-First episode seen in: "A Wild Hare"
Beaky Buzzard and Mama Buzzard
-Beaky Buzzard is a buzzard (who looks more like a vulture or condor) with black feathers and a white tuft of fur around his throat. He has a long thin neck. He always has a goofy grin and also has a half-asleep look in his eyes
-First episode seen in: "Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid" (1942)
Cecil Turtle
-Slow, but smart turtle
-First episode seen in: "Tortoise Beats Hare"
Claude Cat
-A homophone of the phrase "clawed cat".  He is yellow with a red-tipped tail, white belly. He is nervous, yet lazy. Also gets scared out of his wits by a yappy little puppy called Frisky Puppy
-First episode seen in: "Mouse Wreckers" and "Hypo-Chondri-Cat"
This is what happens when Frisky Puppy barks
Daffy Duck
-Emerged in the late 1930s. He is the best friend and occasional enemy of Bugs Bunny.
-First episode seen in: April 17, 1937, "Porky's Duck Hunt"
Elmer Fudd
-Archenemy of Bugs Bunny. Replaces Rs and Ls with Ws, so if he says "Watch the road, rabbit!" It sounds like "Watch the woad, wabbit!". He is intending to hunt Bugs
-First episode seen in: Not sure. But some of the ones with him in it include "What's Opera, Doc?", "Rabbit of Seville"
Fire Sneezing Dragon
-Green dragon owned by Yosemite Sam. Instead of sneezing normal, he sneezes fire
-First episode seen in: "Knighty Knight Bugs"
Foghorn Leghorn
-Southern talking rooster. He has either a Kentucky or Virginia Southern accent. He has a thing for trouble and his first name refers to being loud and obnoxious while his last name refers to a breed of chicken. Often deals with Barnyard Dawg
-First episode seen in: "Walky Talky Hawky"
Fred Sheepdog
-Sheepdog with black bangs and resembles Sam Sheepdog. Too cute as well!
-First episode seen in: "Sheep Ahoy" and "Don't Give Up the Sheep"
Michigan J. Bullfrog
-Male bullfrog who sings pop music, ragtime, Tin Pan Alley music, any kind of music from the late 19th century and early 20th century, carries a cane, wears a top hat and dances with acrobatics
-First episode seen in: "One Froggy Evening"
Frisky Puppy
-Cute, young little puppy who loves to play. He enjoys sneaking up on Claude Cat and barking a series of barks at a high decible and scaring Claude out of his wits. He is crazy about scratching because of fleas. Also is very hyperactive
-First episode seen in: "Two's a Crowd"
Speedy Gonzales. He is my sister's favorite. She has a Beanie Baby of him at home.
-Portrayed as "The fastest mouse in all Mexico". Wears a floppy yellow sombrero, a red bandanna around his neck, white shirt and pants, is extremely fast and speaks with a strong Mexican accent. Also, he is just too darn cute!
-First episode seen in: "Cat Tails for Two"
Goofy Gophers
-Set of small, brown gophers, with tan bellies, buck teeth, and British accents named Mac and Tosh
-First episode seen in: "The Goofy Gophers"
-Featured in many of the Sylvester and Tweety cartoons. She is the owner of Tweety, and also Hector the Bulldog and Sylvester the Cat. She is a sweet old lady
-First episode seen in: "Little Red Walking Hood"
Hector the Bulldog
-Muscle bound bulldog with gray fur and black collar with silver studs. He walks pigeon toed and has a perpetual scowl
-First episode seen in: "Peck Up Your Troubles"
The Honey-Mousers
-Spoof of the Honeymooners. Ralph, Alice and Martin
-First episode seen in: "The Honey-Mousers" "Mouse Follies" "Cheese It, the Cat!"
Hubie and Bertie
-Blue and gray mice who torment Claude the Cat. They walk on their hind legs. Hubie (gray one) has a strong Brooklyn street accent. Bertie (brown one) has large buck teeth.
-First episode seen in: "The Aristo-Cat"
-Green cartoon alien dog. He is Marvin the Martian's pet dog and loyal sidekick. Has a few resemblances to Disney's Pluto
-First episode seen in: "Hardevil Hare"
Marvin the Martian
-His design was based on the Roman god Mars. He wears the uniform Mars wore- helmet and skirt. He is soft spoken, and can actually be evil sometimes. He is also very clever
-First episode seen in: "Hardevil Hare"
Pepe Le Pew. He's so cute!!! I have a Beanie Baby of him at home!!
-Cute little skunk with strong French accent who strolls around in Paris in spring, with constant thoughts of love. He unfortunately has two things against him: His stinky smell and his inability to take no for an answer. He is stereotypically French in the way Speedy is stereotypically Mexican.
-First episode seen in: "Odor-able Kitty"
Pete Puma
-Best known for his crazy, inhaled laugh. He is a slow witted puma who always ends up on the receiving end of Bugs' tricks
-First episode seen in: "Rabbit's Kin"
Porky Pig
-Best known for his severe stutter. Always wears a bow tie
-First episode seen in: "I Haven't Got a Hat"
Miss Prissy
-She is an old 'spinster' hen who wears a blue bonnet and wire framed glasses. The other hens usually call her "old square britches".
-First episode seen in: "An Egg Scramble"
Rocky and Mugsy
-These 2 were created to almost parody the Mob.
-Rocky is a short, hot tempered little gangster who wears a gray suit and an oversized fedora hat. He is a tough-talking little gangster who always has a cigarette in his mouth. He closely resembles gangster movie legend Edward G. Robinson. People have started thinking that Rocky is either Italian or Jewish
-Mugsy is a large, buffoonish gangster who never seems to get the idea.
-First episode seen in: "Racketeer Rabbit"
Sam Sheepdog.
-Large sheepdog with tan fur and red hair covering his eyes. He runs very rarely and tends to stay in one place. He does possess the strength to take out Ralph. Also, he's too darn cute!
-First episode seen in: "Don't Give Up the Sheep"
Ralph Wolf
-Resembles Wile. E. Coyote. Brown fur, huge ears, and red nose instead of black. White eyes instead of Wile E's yellow ones. He shares the Coyote's appetite for sheep and use of Acme products.
-First episode seen in: "Don't Give Up the Sheep"
Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier
-Spike is a gray bulldog who wears a red sweater, brown bowler hat and a scowl.
-Chester is a highly annoying terrier, who is small and jumpy with yellow fur and brown perky ears.
-First episode seen in: "Tree for Two"
Sylvester the Cat
-Black cat with red nose and white belly. He is seen often chasing Speedy Gonzales around or Hippety Hopper (baby kangaroo he mistakes for a giant mouse). He has a lisp. When paired with Porky in cartoons, he is often a scaredy cat. He normally never gives up on anything
-First episode seen in: "Life with Feathers"
-AKA Tasmanian Devil. He is a dim-witted omnivore. He has a short temper and has even shorter patience. He will eat everything and anything. His "speech" consists of grunts, growls, rasps. He spins fast and will bite through anything
-First episode seen in: "Devil May Hare"
Aw, how cute is this?
Toro the Bull
-Is introduced in this cartoon as a bull chasing a matador. When Bugs turns up in the center of the arena thinking that is the Coachella Valley Big Carrot Festival, he gets caught up in a bullfight with Toro. He is a black bull with pointy horns
-First episode seen in: "Bully for Bugs"
Tweety Bird
-Cute little yellow canary. And despite the long eyelashes, Tweety is male.
-First episode seen in: "A Tail of Two Kitties"
Road Runner
-Has only one sound: "Beep, beep!" Speedy little bird
-First episode seen in: "Fast and Furry-ous"
Wile E. Coyote
-Coyote with an upper class English accent
-First episode seen in: "Fast and Furry-ous"
Witch Hazel
-Her name is a pun from the North american shrub and herbal medicine from it. She is a witch with green skin, wearing a plain blue dress, and twig-like legs. She has messy black hair and whenever she speeds away fast, bobbypins shoot out from her. She also wears a crumpled black hat. From her mouth comes a single tooth and she has a chin and nose that sprout out from her face
-First episode seen in: "Bewitched Bunny"
Yosemite Sam
-He is an extremely grumpy little man sometimes shown as a prospector, outlaw, pirate, cowboy. He has a severely thin hare-trigger temper and a hatred for rabbits, specifically Bugs. And has a large red mustache and black bandit mask
-First episode seen in: "Hare Trigger"

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