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Monday, September 24, 2012

X-Men Comics. My Favorite One!!

X-Men Comics
-Marvel Comics
-First appearance: The X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963)

-Superhero team created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
-The basic story is that the world is all against mutants and Professor Charles Xavier has created a special school for mutants to attend to learn how to control their powers and also for them to be safe
-He has recruited mutants known only by one word monikers, such as Cyclops (Scott Summers, his real name), Iceman (Real name: Bobby Drake), Angel, Beast (Real name: Hank McCoy).
-They are called the "X-Men" because of their special "x gene" which gives them superpowers
-The first issue also introduced their main enemy, Eric Lensherr, aka Magneto, who would go on to create his own Brotherhood of Mutants
-Other enemies of the X-Men include Sentinels, giant mutant-seeking robots, Hellfire Club, a club of mutants who wear 18th century London period clothing
-Other members of the X-Men include Logan Howlett (Wolverine), Peter Rasputin (Colossus, a Russian mutant), Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler, a German-speaking mutant). Rogue and Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
-Has also been turned into movies, video games


-Real name: Logan Howlett
-Powers/Abilities: Regenerative healing, superhuman senses, adamantium-covered skeleton, retractable claws, master martial artist, trained in swordplay, and Samurai ways, superhuman strength
-Was a soldier
-Played by Hugh Jackman in the movies
-One of the most popular X-Men characters

-Real name: Bobby Drake
-Powers/Abilities: Thermokinesis, cryokinesis, Hydrokinesis, thermal vision
-Has the ability of cryokinesis, or control of ice
-Played by Shawn Ashmore in the movies

-Real name: Kurt Wagner
-Powers/Abilities: Teleportation, excellent night vision, superhuman acrobatics, stick to walls, skilled in martial arts, stealth
-German Catholic mutant
-Played by Alan Cumming in the movies

-Real name: Ororo Munroe
-Powers/Abilities: Weather manipulation, flight, energy perception
-Originally from Africa
-Played by Halle Berry in the movies

Professor X
-Real name: Charles Xavier
-Powers/Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Mind reading/control, memory alteration, Psionic blasts, Induced paralysis, Illusion casts, genius-level intelligence
-Paraplegic, high level telepathic
-Played by Patrick Stewart in the movies

-Real name: Peter Rasputin
-Powers/Abilities: Can turn his 6'7'' body into steel, giving him superhuman strength, stamina and protection
-Russian mutant
-Played by Daniel Cudmore in the movies

-Real name: Scott Sommers
-Powers/Abilities: Strong laser blasts from his eyes, excellent fighter and battle tactician
-Wears glasses with ruby quartz lenses running over both eyes, giving him the impression of having only one eye
-Played by James Marsden in the movies

-Real name: Hank McCoy
-Powers/Abilities: Animal-like strength, superhuman speed, agility, stamina, Genius-level intelligence, Razor sharp teeth and claws, Regenerative healing, Pheromone manipulation, animal physiology
-Expert on biochemistry and genetics
-Played by Kelsey Grammer in the movies

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