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Monday, September 10, 2012


The only reason why this is a favorite movie of my sister is  because this rock singer she likes, Dee Snider, is in here and you can see the side of bare behind in here. She says he has a nice one apparently!

-Helverton, Colorado is a town with about 350,000 people. This is where 15 year old Genevieve Gage and her best friend Tiana Moore live. They spend a lot of time on the Internet, in "chat rooms". One day, they meet another student whose username is "Captain Howdy". He invites them to a party and Genevive and Tiana go. But what they don't realize is that they are going to a literal house of horrors, where it goes far beyond the terms of S&M. This "student" does not realize that Genevieve's dad is a cop named Mike Gage. When she does not return home, along with Tiana, suspicions are aroused.

-Things start going bad. Especially when Tiana's car is pulled out of a lake and with her body in the trunk, tortured and her mouth stitched shut. Genevieve is not there, but from a helpful police officer with gages and tattoos abound on his body, Mike learns that this "Captain Howdy" is into tattooing, scarification, piercing and branding. And his niece Angela gives Mike a tip, that Genevieve has a thing for meeting strangers on the internet. Mike tries to get the suspect to invite him to a party, but unfortunately, he suspects that Mike is a cop.

-Mike eventually figures out the location of "Captain Howdy" and he goes there. He literally walks into a house of horrors, and he finds not only Genevieve, naked in a cage with her mouth stiched shut, but also 5 other teens in similar cases. Mike arrests Captain Howdy, whose real name is Carleton Hendricks. A year later, Hendricks is found not guilty by reason of insanity and is placed in the Meistrich Psychiatric Insitute. 3 years later, he is released. The doctors say that Hendricks, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and a severe chemical imbalance, will be okay as long as he has his medications. He moves back to his old house and while under the influence of his meds, he is kind and apologetic. But 4 years after what he did, the memories are still fresh as ever in the minds of the Helverton citizens.

-And because of that, Genevieve has highly detailed nightmares about the incident. Those who are not happy with Hendrick's release form an activist group, led by Jackson Roth and Catherine "Sunny" Mcaintosh. Catherine heads a group called "Christians Against Moral Decay". One night, when their daughter Kelly is out with her boyfriend, Roth jumps to the idea that Hendricks took Kelly. This group, with Roth and Sunny, kidnap Hendricks, and as he is being taken out, his medicine bottle galls out and is destroyed. They beat him up, and attempt to lynch him. Hours later, the rope breaks, and he is back to his old self.

-Kevin Gage: Mike Gage
-Elzabeth Pena: Toni Gage
-Brett Harrelson: Steve Christian
-Robert Englund: Jackson Roth
-Linda Cardellini: Genevieve Gage
-Tucker Smallwood: Capt. Churchill Robbins
-Ivonne Coll: Rose Stravelli
-Amy Smart: Angela Stravelli
-Dee Snider: Captain Howdy/Carleton Hendricks
-Amal Rhoe: Tiana Moore
-Robert LaSardo: Matt Myers

Did You Know?
-Captain Howdy was the name of the ghost Linda Blair supposedly talked to through the Ouija board in The Exorcist
-When the lynch mob arrives at Hendrick's house, one holds a sign that says "We're not gonna take it". This is a reference to a song by Twisted Sister of the same name, led by Dee Snider
-Snider says the hardest part of the movie was playing Carleton Hendricks rehabilitated. And having to wear a cardigan sweater. He hated wearing the clothes Carleton wore as he was rehabilitated

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