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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi Everybody!! I'm Back from Vacation!

Hi everyone. I know it's been about a week since I posted last, but lately, I was on vacation with my family. As you may have read in some of my last posts, my family was planning to go to Mexico. Now, if I can figure out how to upload the photos I took, I can show you of the random stuff we did down there.

Anyway, we just got back into town last night around 6 or 7pm. We ended up having sandwiches from this local place called Penn Station for dinner while we all unpacked. The vacation was great. We took lots of photos, my sister made friends with a couple bartenders/waiters down there, named Alejandro and Yves. The second one, Yves, made her a little grasshopper out of palm leaves and grass. And as for me, never really talked to anyone. Heard alot of great and cool accents though. I did meet alot of interesting people. At the bar, I met a cute guy from Germany. He was blond and had a cute accent. I also seen and heard 2 English couples. They always sat at the same seats near us at the pool. It was an older English couple and a younger English couple. I almost laughed when I heard one of them say 'bloody'. Also, I seen a really cute scuba diving instructor named Sebastian. He was blond and had the sexiest accent ever: English, or Australian!! He was a hot, blond English or Australian scuba instructor. Either way, his accent was gorgeous!!!! And omg, he had the nicest smile!! I was melting already. Unfortunately, I didn't go scuba diving, fear of deep water, and not like 5-10 feet, I mean like ocean deep, deep water where sharks are.

We also tried alot of new drinks, mostly alcoholic. Hey, you gotta try new things. And I did. I tried chocolate mudslide, pina colada, something called a Caribbean Dream and a strawberry daiquiri. Yeah, I sound like some kind of alcoholic in the making, but believe me, I'm not. My sister, who is 19, was downing more drinks than me. Because something that not alot of people realize is that the legal drinking age in Mexico is 16. When she heard that, wow! She was doing shots, including a local one called the Bandera, which is Spanish for flag, It's served in a tall, skinny shooter glass and has red sangria, clear tequila and what I think may be green apple liqueur in it.

Any who, that was my first trip outside the US. I'm hoping for my next trip outside the US to be to either London, China, Japan, Australia

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