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Monday, September 10, 2012

Van Helsing

Van Helsing
-Van Helsing is the peson who gets rid of all things evil.The Vatican sends him and his ally, a friar named Carl, to Transylvania. Their objective is to stop Count Dracula. While here, they join up with a Gypsy princess named Anna Valerious, whose brother Velkan has been turned into a werewolf. She is determined to stop the Count before he wipes out her entire family.

-Hugh Jackman: Van Helsing
-Kate Beckinsale: Anna Valerious
-Richard Roxburgh: Count Dracula
-David Wenham: Carl
-Shuler Hensley: Frankenstein's Monster
-Elena Anaya: Aleera

-Will Kemp: Velkan
-Kevin J. O'Connor: Igor
-Alun Armstrong: Cardinal Jinette
-Silvia Colloca: Verona

-Josie Maran: Marishka
-Robbie Coltrane: Mr. Hyde

Did You Know?
-Hugh Jackman had hair extensions added for filming
-During filming, Hugh Jackman accidentally broke an extra's hand
-Dracula's pint sized helpers, the Dwerger, are actually from German folklore
-Kate Beckinsale was the last person to be cast
-One of the last shots in the movie to be filmed was where Hugh Jackman transforms back into human form from a werewolf. It was originally supposed to be a nude scene. It was still used, somewhat, and when it shows Jackman, a CGI loincloth is used to cover Jackman's bare behind

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