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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random Blog Tag

Picked this up from a lovely lady named Diane at Heart Shaped. If you're into arts and crafts, follw her blog. It's soooooooooo awesome!

11 Random facts about moi (Me in French, lol!)

1. Currently hooked on Law and Order: UK. IDK why, but I just adore this show. It's so good, and yet, so different than the American Law and Order I'm so used to.

2. When I get enough money, like that'll ever happen, I plan on travelling to places like London, England, China, Japan, Australia, Russia, Italy
3. I want to learn some foreign languages. These include Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German
4. Still dying to see a rock concert!

5. Enjoys learning to do new things
6. Loves music more than life itself and every day is discovering new music. Last night, I downloaded a song by a cool R&B singer from England named Estelle and a song from a pop singer from England named Natasha Bedingfield

7.Most of the music I listen to seems to be of British descent. In other words, most of the music I listen to is from England, for some strange reason
8. Sometimes people really drive me bonkers!
9. I wouldn't mind getting a tattoo of somethis like this on my leg

10. I'm told I'm stuck in the 1960s.....
11. I have a super huge crush on Jamie Bamber from Law and Order: UK right now. God, those baby blues of his!! And that cute little English accent of his! OMG! It's gotta be the accents on English guys that's so hot! He can arrest me ANY day.....

Now I have to ask you 11 questions - so:
1 . Best place you have ever been?-Hmmm. tough decision. I've only been out of the country once, to Mexico not too long ago. But I'd have to say that my best favorite place I've been to is Gatlinburg, TN. That is a big family vacation spot 4 me

2. Who was your fave teacher and why?
-Fave teacher? Gotta be my high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Garcia de Burke. She taught Spanish and she was AWESOME!

3. If you had to learn a new subject, what would it be?
-Music. Either that or a foreign language. I've always been fascinated by the history of music

4. If I sent you a ticket to anywhere on earth, where would you like to go?
-Why do people torture me like that? There are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many places I'd love to visit. But if it has to be one place, send me to London!!

Hehehehe. Reminds me of Law and Order: UK. They do that on the show, do skyviews showing the River Thames and the London Eye
5. My son says that when Richard Branson fly's you to the moon, he'll go. Would you?
-Who? Never heard of him. But he sounds like a nice guy. I'll pass on going to the moon

6. Who makes you laugh?
-This Latino comedian named Gabriel Iglesias. He mixes English and Spanish together in his acts, along with him doing real life sound effects. Too funny!
7. Describe your typical Saturday Night.
-You'll laugh. My typical Saturday night involves loud music in the basement, my sister drinking until she's in giggles and my family (mom, stepdad, sister) playing pool

8 What is your biggest wish?
-To be beautiful and have someone actually say I'm beautiful and actually have some meaning behind it other than just trying to be nice.

9 Do you have a favourite poem?
-It's a child's poem, but really funny. It's called Abusement Park

10. What advice would you give your 18year old self?
-Start talking, little hippie girl!

11. What is your fave TV show from your childhood?
-Hmm, I can't really remember my childhood all that well. I watched mostly cartoons. But hopefully that counts. This cartoon called Rocko's Modern Life was my favorite. It was about this wallaby named Rocko who had this really strong Australian accent.

Now it's my turn for the questions

1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
2. If you won a million dollars, what would you do?
3. If you could something in your life over, what would you change and why?
4. If you could bring back any loved one who has died, who would you bring back?
5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
6. What is a childhood memory you remember fondly?
7. What got you into blogging?
8. What are some holiday traditions in your household?
9. If someone was looking for you and you were trying to hide, where would you go?
10. What is your favorite TV show?
11. Where would you get married?

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