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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mike Myers

Mike Myers

Birth name: Michael John Myers
DOB: May 25, 1963
Where: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5'8''

-Joined Saturday Night Live in 1988, where his career really took off, with characters like Dieter, Wayne Campbell, etc.

-Plays multiple characters in movies
-Oftern appears in his underwear
Austin Powers

-Collects model soldiers. Finds painting and building them to be relaxing
-As a teen, would act out his Wayne's World character at parties

-Named his 3 dogs after hockey players
-His character on Saturday Night Live, Linda Richman, is based on his mother in law, Linda Richman

-Carries a British passport and in interviews said he regards himself as English
-His parents, Eric and Alice were British citizens, which is probably to explain why he carries a British passport
-Supports Liverpool FC- his parents were from Liverpool
-Youngest of 3 sons
-Wears his father's wedding ring as his wedding band
-Hosted the 1997 MTV Movie Awards

-His role as Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series was ranked #35 on Premier Magazines 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time

-Fan of the rock band Queen
-Fan of Aerosmith. On his birthday, they showed up. But since he did not get to meet them, they showed up, unknown to Mike, as his "birthday gift"

-Was friends with David Furnish in high school

Saturday Night Live

Too hilarious. A skit making fun of the fight between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Mike Myers is playing "Mick", whereas the REAL Mick Jagger is playing "Keith", sitting right next to him. It's pretty easy to tell it's Mick on the right. Look closely at his jawline, and face in general, even with the shades on.

Wayne's World


Philip "Once, my mom's car broke down, and she gave a Sprite and a Hershey bar, and I towed the car home"

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