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Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding Neverland

If you want a good family movie, start here!

Finding Neverland
-Tells the story of J.M. Barrie, the well-known author of the famous children's story Peter Pan. Took experiences from knowing a family with kids who had no father.

-In 1903 London, J.M. Barrie is sitting in the park one day after one of his recent plays failed. He notices a woman and her 4 kids playing in the park. He soon befriends this woman and their imaginations give him inspiration for a new play. Without realizing it, he is befriending their mother, Sylvia, much to the disappointment of his wife Mary, with whom he spends so little time, which explains their separate bedroom situation at home. Also, he has to contend with Sylvia's mother and high London society, which constantly gossips about why he is attracted to this lone woman and her four kids.

-Soon, he finds that Sylvia is sick and he must find a way to help her feel better while his bond with the kids grow.
-Johnny Depp: Sir James Matthew Barrie
-Kate Winslet: Sylvia Llewelyn Davies
-Julie Christie: Mrs. Emma Du Maurier
-Radha Mitchell: Mary Ansell Barrie
-Dustin Hoffman: Charles Frohman
-Freddie Highmore: Peter Llwelyn Davies
-Ian Hart: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
-Mackenzie Crook: Mr. Jaspers- Usher

Did You Know?
-During the formal dinner scene, Johnny Depp placed a fart machine under Julie Christie's chair. He controlled the machine with a remote control and the kids are laughing more at that than the spoons
-Just like the movie, in stage productions of Peter Pan, a girl plays him
-Johnny Depp was cast first and Kate Winslet cast second

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