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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chicken Run

Chicken Run
-After every attempt at producing eggs for the week fails, Ginger, Bunty, Babs and Fowler will have their heads cut off by Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy, two evil farm owners in 1950s England. They desperately want to escape.

-The movie basically is about a cocky American rooster named Rocky who crashes into the Tweedy Egg Farm and instead of going back to the circus, where he escaped, Ginger decides to have him teach her and the other chickens to fly so they can escape

-Lynn Ferguson: Mac
-Mel Gibson: Rocky
-Tony Haygarth: Mr. Tweedy
-Jane Horrocks: Babs
-Miranda Richardson: Mrs. Tweedy
-Julia Sawalha: Ginger
-Timothy Spall: Nick
-Imelda Staunton: Bunty
-Benjamin Whitrow: Fowler

Did You Know?
-After Rocky(Mel Gibson) leaves, a joke about him arises. Bunty remarks "I don't even think he was American". This is a reference to the fact that most think Mel is an "Aussie", born in Australia. But he was born in New York and moved there when he was 12

-When Rocky is tuning the radio, a short burst of music is heard. This is the opening theme from The Archers, a long running British drama series on BBC Radio 4. This show is currently still running as of 2006
-The sign post in the movie reads: Halifax 32, Lancaster 40, Sunderland 59. These are the names of old British warplanes from WWII and also town names
-Edwina, the chicken who can't lay eggs, is named after Edwina Currie, whose career involved an egg situation in the UK
-Fowler, the chicken with all the RAF decorations on him, mentions 644 Squadron RAF. This really existed. It was formed in 1944 and used Halifax bombers to tow the glider planes across the channel during the D-Day landings

-Ginger and Rocky were named after 2 chickens Nick Park had as a child

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