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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Holiday

The Holiday
-Iris Simpkins is a wedding column writer for a London newspaper and holds a major crush on her college sweetheart Jasper Bloom. When Christmas starts nearing, she is told that Jasper has found love with another.

-Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Amanda Woods, who makes movie trailers, has split up with her cheating, unfaithful boyfriend Ethan and wants nothing to do with him. One day, while Iris and Amanda are on a house exchange website, Amanda swaps, on an impulse, her mansion for Iris' small, cozy, cottage in Surrey for the holidays.

-While in Surrey, Amanda meets Iris' brother and book editor Graham and they immediately hit if off. While Iris meets her new next door neighbor, a 90 year old screenplay writer named Arthur, who helps Iris find her self-esteem, and also a film composer named Miles

-Cameron Diaz: Amanda Woods
-Kate Winslet: Iris Simpkins
-Jude Law: Graham
-Jack Black: Miles
-Eli Wallach: Arthur Abbott
-Edward Burns: Ethan
-Rufus Sewell: Jasper Bloom
-Shannyn Sossamon: Maggie
-Bill Macy: Ernie
-John Krasinski: Ben

Did You Know?
-This film was written with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black in mind
-Jude Law has a daughter named Iris in real life. In the film, his character Graham's daughter is named Iris

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