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Friday, September 28, 2012

Keeping Mum

A funny movie

Keeping Mum

-Walter Goodfellow is the vicar (priest in English talk) for the small country town of Little Wallop. His marriage to a woman named Gloria has all but soured, and he's away form his family so much that he does not even notice his 17 year old daughter Holly going through boyfriend after boyfriend and his son Petey fears attending school because he is being bullied.

-Out of desperate need for love, Gloria begins seeing her American golf instructor, Lance. He's giving her "private" lessons. Then one day, out of the blue, a strange, mysterious woman named Grace Hawkins comes into their lives, and their problems soon begin disappearing. She has a sort of Mary Poppins turned darkside air to her, as she begins solving the various crises of the members of the family in her own way

-Rowan Atkinson: Walter Goodfellow
-Kristen Scott Thomas: Gloria Goodfellow
-Maggie Smith: Grace Hawkins
-Patrick Swayze: Lance
-Tamsin Egerton: Holly Goodfellow
-Toby Parkes: Petey Goodfellow

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