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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Thought: These Guys Are So Cute!!

I'm so pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is it about guys from England that's so cute? Whoever stated that British men have to be ugly ought to get their head checked. 'Cuz like 90% of the guys that I find cute are British. So that should say something good. IDK what they are putting in the water in England to make guys hot but they need to put it in the water here in the US to make some guys not annoying pigs and maybe better personalities.

And what's cool is that I watched a few of their movies down in Mexico. They were in English, but had Spanish subtitles. I watched Children of Men and Sherlock Holmes. Mainly 'cuz I was bored. And they were really good movies. Children of Men was a little weird, but good. Oh, and I also watched Inside Man with mi familia when we got back. That's the first time I ever saw that movie. It was awesome!!!!!!

Jude Law

If this is young Jude Law, omg!!!!!!

Clive Owen

Ooh, like a sexy James Bond!

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