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An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind~Gandhi
The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random Blog Tag

Picked this up from a lovely lady named Diane at Heart Shaped. If you're into arts and crafts, follw her blog. It's soooooooooo awesome!

11 Random facts about moi (Me in French, lol!)

1. Currently hooked on Law and Order: UK. IDK why, but I just adore this show. It's so good, and yet, so different than the American Law and Order I'm so used to.

2. When I get enough money, like that'll ever happen, I plan on travelling to places like London, England, China, Japan, Australia, Russia, Italy
3. I want to learn some foreign languages. These include Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German
4. Still dying to see a rock concert!

5. Enjoys learning to do new things
6. Loves music more than life itself and every day is discovering new music. Last night, I downloaded a song by a cool R&B singer from England named Estelle and a song from a pop singer from England named Natasha Bedingfield

7.Most of the music I listen to seems to be of British descent. In other words, most of the music I listen to is from England, for some strange reason
8. Sometimes people really drive me bonkers!
9. I wouldn't mind getting a tattoo of somethis like this on my leg

10. I'm told I'm stuck in the 1960s.....
11. I have a super huge crush on Jamie Bamber from Law and Order: UK right now. God, those baby blues of his!! And that cute little English accent of his! OMG! It's gotta be the accents on English guys that's so hot! He can arrest me ANY day.....

Now I have to ask you 11 questions - so:
1 . Best place you have ever been?-Hmmm. tough decision. I've only been out of the country once, to Mexico not too long ago. But I'd have to say that my best favorite place I've been to is Gatlinburg, TN. That is a big family vacation spot 4 me

2. Who was your fave teacher and why?
-Fave teacher? Gotta be my high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Garcia de Burke. She taught Spanish and she was AWESOME!

3. If you had to learn a new subject, what would it be?
-Music. Either that or a foreign language. I've always been fascinated by the history of music

4. If I sent you a ticket to anywhere on earth, where would you like to go?
-Why do people torture me like that? There are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many places I'd love to visit. But if it has to be one place, send me to London!!

Hehehehe. Reminds me of Law and Order: UK. They do that on the show, do skyviews showing the River Thames and the London Eye
5. My son says that when Richard Branson fly's you to the moon, he'll go. Would you?
-Who? Never heard of him. But he sounds like a nice guy. I'll pass on going to the moon

6. Who makes you laugh?
-This Latino comedian named Gabriel Iglesias. He mixes English and Spanish together in his acts, along with him doing real life sound effects. Too funny!
7. Describe your typical Saturday Night.
-You'll laugh. My typical Saturday night involves loud music in the basement, my sister drinking until she's in giggles and my family (mom, stepdad, sister) playing pool

8 What is your biggest wish?
-To be beautiful and have someone actually say I'm beautiful and actually have some meaning behind it other than just trying to be nice.

9 Do you have a favourite poem?
-It's a child's poem, but really funny. It's called Abusement Park

10. What advice would you give your 18year old self?
-Start talking, little hippie girl!

11. What is your fave TV show from your childhood?
-Hmm, I can't really remember my childhood all that well. I watched mostly cartoons. But hopefully that counts. This cartoon called Rocko's Modern Life was my favorite. It was about this wallaby named Rocko who had this really strong Australian accent.

Now it's my turn for the questions

1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
2. If you won a million dollars, what would you do?
3. If you could something in your life over, what would you change and why?
4. If you could bring back any loved one who has died, who would you bring back?
5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
6. What is a childhood memory you remember fondly?
7. What got you into blogging?
8. What are some holiday traditions in your household?
9. If someone was looking for you and you were trying to hide, where would you go?
10. What is your favorite TV show?
11. Where would you get married?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Keeping Mum

A funny movie

Keeping Mum

-Walter Goodfellow is the vicar (priest in English talk) for the small country town of Little Wallop. His marriage to a woman named Gloria has all but soured, and he's away form his family so much that he does not even notice his 17 year old daughter Holly going through boyfriend after boyfriend and his son Petey fears attending school because he is being bullied.

-Out of desperate need for love, Gloria begins seeing her American golf instructor, Lance. He's giving her "private" lessons. Then one day, out of the blue, a strange, mysterious woman named Grace Hawkins comes into their lives, and their problems soon begin disappearing. She has a sort of Mary Poppins turned darkside air to her, as she begins solving the various crises of the members of the family in her own way

-Rowan Atkinson: Walter Goodfellow
-Kristen Scott Thomas: Gloria Goodfellow
-Maggie Smith: Grace Hawkins
-Patrick Swayze: Lance
-Tamsin Egerton: Holly Goodfellow
-Toby Parkes: Petey Goodfellow



Birth name: Jeong Ji-Hoon
DOB: June 25, 1982
Where: Seoul, Korea
Height: 6'
-Favorite actress is Gong Li
-Created a clothing line called JTune Creative
-Sang in front of 91,000 people at the 2008 Olympics Closing Ceremony in Beijing
-His mother died when he was in his teens
-Lived in poverty
-His first U.S. concert was on Feb. 2, 2006 at the Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.

I Would Love to Have This!

Bruce Lee action figure, form the movie Game of Death

You're My Inspiration...

This post is about people who inspire me. Somehow, it's strange to think that most of these people are long gone...

Martin Luther King Jr

Rosa Parks

Steve Irwin

Mahatma Gandhi

Dalai Lama

Andy Warhol

Bruce Lee

Bob Marley

John Lennon


-Peter Pan has grown up and has become a lawyer. He is married to Wendy's granddaughter Moira. One day, they fly off to England to visit her family and one night, while they are out, Captain Hook breaks in and kidnaps the children. In order to rescue them, he must remember who he was, Peter Pan. And with the help of his once trusty sidekick Tinkerbell, he goes to Neverland to face off against Captain Hook and rescue his kids

-Robin Williams: Peter Banning
-Dustin Hoffman: Captain Hook
-Julia Roberts: Tinkerbell
-Bob Hoskins: Smee
-Maggie Smith: Granny Wendy
-Caroline Goodall: Moira Banning
-Charle Korsmo: Jack Banning
-Amber Scott: Maggie Banning
-Laurel Cronin: Liza, Wendy's housekeeper
-Phil Collins: Insp. Good
-Arthur Malet: Tootles
-Danye Basco: Rufio

Did You Know?
-After a lengthy and complex scene was cut, actor Bob Hoskins bought beer for 300+ extras
-When the Bannings are on their way to England, the voice of the pilot, who says "This is your captain speaking", is none other than Dustin Hoffman
-The young Peter Pan is played by Dustin Hoffman's real son
-Dustin Hoffman's kid are in the movie. His son Max Hoffman plays 5 year old Peter Pan, his daughter Rebecca plays Jane in the play at the start of the movie, and his oldest son Jake is a Little League player in Jack's baseball game
-On the door to Wendy's house are the names of the original Lost Boys
-One of the pirates who tries to steal Peter's shoes in Neverland is played by singer Jimmy Buffett
-The original play only had 6 Lost Boys: Slightly, Tootles, Nibs, Curly, and the Twins
-The word 'bangarang' is Jamaican slang for disturbance, uproar
-David Bowie turned down the role of Capt. Hook
-When Peter finds his kids missing, the main inspector, though somewhat unrecognizable, is famous rock singer Phil Collins. He's wearing gold rimmed glasses and speaks with a strong London accent

-Maggie Smith, who played the older Wendy Darling, was 57 at the time, even though her character was supposed to be 92

Finding Neverland

If you want a good family movie, start here!

Finding Neverland
-Tells the story of J.M. Barrie, the well-known author of the famous children's story Peter Pan. Took experiences from knowing a family with kids who had no father.

-In 1903 London, J.M. Barrie is sitting in the park one day after one of his recent plays failed. He notices a woman and her 4 kids playing in the park. He soon befriends this woman and their imaginations give him inspiration for a new play. Without realizing it, he is befriending their mother, Sylvia, much to the disappointment of his wife Mary, with whom he spends so little time, which explains their separate bedroom situation at home. Also, he has to contend with Sylvia's mother and high London society, which constantly gossips about why he is attracted to this lone woman and her four kids.

-Soon, he finds that Sylvia is sick and he must find a way to help her feel better while his bond with the kids grow.
-Johnny Depp: Sir James Matthew Barrie
-Kate Winslet: Sylvia Llewelyn Davies
-Julie Christie: Mrs. Emma Du Maurier
-Radha Mitchell: Mary Ansell Barrie
-Dustin Hoffman: Charles Frohman
-Freddie Highmore: Peter Llwelyn Davies
-Ian Hart: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
-Mackenzie Crook: Mr. Jaspers- Usher

Did You Know?
-During the formal dinner scene, Johnny Depp placed a fart machine under Julie Christie's chair. He controlled the machine with a remote control and the kids are laughing more at that than the spoons
-Just like the movie, in stage productions of Peter Pan, a girl plays him
-Johnny Depp was cast first and Kate Winslet cast second

Music Downloads

I've recently discovered that you can buy MP3 downloads off Amazon. I found this out when I was browsing on there, as I normally do, and found a tab called 'MP3 Music'. I checked it out and guess what? I ended up buying 3 songs from there. If you really want a song without having to buy the CD to get that song, I'd recommend this if you want the music. And guess what? It's really cheap too. Only $.99 for a song! How cool is that? And if this isn't your thing, you can also do what I do: check the local libraries for a CD with the song you want, check it out, download it onto your music device and take the CD back. Done that before, works like a charm. That's how I managed to get Dusty Springfield onto my MP3, along with David Bowie, Celine Dion, Green Day before my sister bought the album the song is on, Ke$ha, a little Lady Gaga before I bought a CD of her. Was giving Lady Gaga's music a test run to see if I liked her stuff, and I do.

But here are some downloads I'm thinking of buying myself for my birthday, lmao!!! Not all of them at once, but maybe a few here and there.

If it's in Italics, that's the name of the album it comes from. Bold means the name of the artist

-Try Again: I Care 4 U

Phil Collins
-You'll Be in My Heart: Tarzan Soundtrack. Like I don't have enough of these lying around, lol.

Natasha Bedingfield
-Pocketful of Sunshine: Pocketful of Sunshine

-Hey Ya!. This is the only rap song I do like. Speakerboxx/The Love Below

-American Boy: Shine

Robbie Robertson
-Shine Your Light: Ladder 49 Soundtrack

The Dandy Warhols
-Bohemian Like You: Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia

-Turn up the Radio: Sign In Please

Ones I already have

The Rolling Stones
-Going to a Go-Go: Still Life
-She's So Cold: Emotional Rescue

-Somday: The Long Road

Beautiful Women

This post will show pics of women that I think are the most beautiful. As a girl, I think they are really pretty. I really do wish I were as beautiful as some of them

Sharon Osbourne
-She's funny, pretty, nice.
-She's also blunt when she needs to be and tells it like it is

Alfre Woodard
-Very beautiful
-Definitely one of my favorite actresses. You can't help but like her. She's so nice, she's such an amazing actress!!
-Favorite movie with her: Take the Lead. She's in it, and it's about dancing! And also, Scrooged. She was so good in that movie!

Alicia Keys
-Good music. Does good R&B
-Pretty. Liked her in The Secret Life of Bees

Freema Agyeman
-I think she is very pretty
-And FYI to the Internet: I'm getting real tired of being told I spell this lovely lady's name wrong!
-My favorite female character on Law and Order: UK
-Watched an episode of Law and Order: UK yesterday on the Internet, titled "Alesha". Where she went to the gynecologist and she suspected he assaulted her sexually. It made me feel sad for her, poor girl. All she did was go to the doctor and he took advantage of her, poor girl :(
-And to think I have my cool, awesome dad to thank for introducing this show to me, which I never thought would actually happen, considering my dad only watched certain British shows. He watched it out boredom one night after watching Primeval, which I still watch. And if he's looking down on me from heaven, I have one thing to say: "Hey dad, thanks 4 getting me hooked on sci-fi TV, :D"

Halle Berry
-One of my favorite actresses. I have alot of favorites, so basically, I'm not picky about actresses. I like alot actresses.
-Was my favorite character, along with Wolverine, in the X-Men series
-Like her because she can do drama, action and still make it look sexy. She can kick butt too!

Kate Winslet
-Another one of my favorite actresses
-Very pretty. I wish I were as beautiful as her. But sadly, I probably will never be as beautiful. I'm nice looking, but not beautiful. Besides, my profile picture does not really show me now; that photo is 4 years old, lmao!!
-Favorite movie with her: So tough to choose! Finding Neverland. Very good family movie. If you're looking for a good family movie, start here! Flushed Away, Another one of her good movies. She is funnier than ever in there, because her character is a sarcastic street rat wearing a green sweater and Union Jack pants :D

Lucy Liu
-Another one of my favorite actresses
-In some movies, she can kick butt as good as any guy, and still come out looking like a beauty
-Favorite movie with her in it: Mulan, voiced Princess Mei, and I just love the Mulan movies in general

Marisa Tomei
-Another one of my favorite actresses
-Love her in My Cousin Vinny. Her strong New York accent cracks me up and also reminds me of my next door neighbor from my previous house. When I lived in Bellevue, Ky, I had a next door neighbor from New York. A young couple, he was from Staten Island, she was from Brooklyn. And man was he cute!!!!!
-I love how I go off onto other tangents. Wow, I must have the attention span of a gnat!

Mariska Hargitay
-My favorite female character on Law and Order: SVU, next to Dr. Melinda Warner (Tamara Tunie). She's pretty too
-Loved her in True Crime: New York City, which is a video game. When I heard her talking in there, I felt like I was playing a Law and Order: SVU video game. OMG, if they ever made a video game out of that, I'd so buy it!
-Liked her in Lake Placid too

Queen Latifah
-She cracks me up when she's doing comedy
-Love her movies. Biggest favorite movie with her: The Secret Life of Bees!

Princess Diana
-She was too pretty to die. And also she seemed the nicest person in the world. She looked so sweet and innocent. And for some reason, people make fun of the guy she married. Saying he had ears like Dumbo. I'll admit that I think his ears were a little big, but he looked like a nice enough guy
-You just can't help but like her. And besides, she lives on through her two wonderful sons. William got married to one of the most beautiful and nicest women in the world, Kate Middleton. You never hear anything bad about Diana's sons, and the other one, Harry, I think he's in the military or something, idk. I know he's doing something good with his time.

Viola Davis
-I really want to see that movie The Help that she was in. Heard it was good
-Loved her in Law Abiding Citizen, where she played the mayor. She rules at anything she does!

Michelle Yeoh
-Another one of my favorite actresses.
-Like her because she can do martial arts, and hold up her end of the fighting and still look sexy. She can fight like a man alongside the men and still be beautiful. She can kick butt and still look good
-Favorite movie with her: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Also, she was very good in Memoirs of a Geisha. Her character was a very cultured, refined woman who possessed very good manners. And she's just likable. She can kick butt and look pretty doing it.

Maggie Smith
-She may be older, but she is still pretty and she's also funny. My favorite movie with her is Keeping Mum, she plays this older woman named Grace who kills anyone who crosses her and dumps their bodies.
-Another one of my favorite actresses. See? I told you. I have ALOT of favorite actresses. I have different reasons why I like them compared to others.
-I like Maggie Smith because she can do comedy, drama, serious, period drama, everything and still make it look so easy.