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Monday, October 17, 2011

American Indian Stereotypes

Native Americans or American Indians, either one is probably fine, people from the Native American culture are assumed to be bring-all fierce warriors.

Not all Native Americans live on reservations
Not all Native Americans will be doing arts/crafts
Not all Native Americans will be experts on their culture, since there are so many tribes out there. So just because someone is American Indian, they will probably not know about their heritage

Some more common ones include:
  • Wearing feathers
  • Living in a teepee
  • Making war cries
  • Dancing around a totem pole with a hostage on it
And for those who may be of Inuit descent, here are some unfortunate stereotypes:
  • Shown dressed in parkas
  • Rubbing each others noses
  • Kids having a seal as a pet
  • Carving out things
  • Living in igloos
  • Going harpoon fishing
  • Eating cod-liver oil
  • Traveling by sleigh, sled and cute lil Huskies
  • Being surrounded by seals, walruses, polar bears, penguins
  • May be called Nanook of the North

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