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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Muppets

The Muppets are a group of characters created by Jim Henson in 1954-1955. There have been many movies to feature these puppet-like characters, including Muppets from Space, and The Muppets: A Christmas Carol. Sometimes these movies also have famous people in them, like the Christmas Carol movie has Michael Caine in it.

Physical Appearance
-The main characteristic of Muppet characters are wide mouth, protruding eyes.
-They are often molded out of various types of foam, and covered with fleece, fur or any other soft material. They may represent humans, objects, extraterrestrial creatures, mythical beings, realistic animals, robots, imagined creatures, monsters, or other abstract characters.
-They are distinguished from typical dummies/puppets, which are only animated in the head and face. These characters are often made of soft stuff. Sometimes they are full bodied, and voices added later

-The Muppeteer always holds their Muppet above his head or in front of his body with one hand operating the head and arms and the other manipulating the hands and arms, either with 2 separate control rods or by "wearing" the hands like gloves. One thing about this is all Muppets tend to be left handed. And technology has also intervened, allowing the Muppets to look like they are rowing a boat, riding a bike and even dancing on stage with out the puppeteer.

-Kermit the Frog


-Miss Piggy

-Fozzie Bear. He is my favorite

-Rizzo the Rat

-Gonzo the Great

-Rowlf the Dog

-Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

-Beaker. He's sooooooo cute!!


-Statler and Waldorf

-The Swedish Chef

-Sam the Eagle


-Pepe the King Prawn

-Robin the Frog

-Other well known ones are also Sesame Street characters, suck as:
-Big Bird
-Oscar the Grouch
-Bert and Ernie
-Abby Cadabby
-Count von Count
-Cookie Monster

Guest Stars
-On the TV show, famous people have been known to show up, such as ZZ Top, and others.
-One of the best loved songs by The Muppets is one sang by Kermit, called Rainbow Connection

-Guest Stars:
-Milton Berle: Mad Man Mooney
-Mel Brooks: Prof. Max Krassman
-James Coburn: owner of El Sleezo Cafe
-Dom DeLuise: Bernie the Agent
-Richard Pryor: Balloon Vendor
-Steve Martin: insolent waiter

The Great Muppet Caper
-Completely shot in England
-Charles Grodin: Nicky Holiday
-Diana Rigg: Lady Holiday
-Della Finch: Darla
-Peter Hughes: Stanley
-Tommy Godfrey: bus conductor
-Joan Sanderson: Dorcas

The Muppets Take Manhattan
-Final film before his death
-Joan Rivers: Eileen
-Vincent Sardi Jr: himself
-Brooke Shields: customer at Pete's Diner
-John Landis: Leonard Winesop
-Gregory Hines: roller skater
-Art Carney: Bernard Crawford

The Muppets Christmas Carol
-Produced after the death of Jim Henson
-Guest Stars/Actors/Actresses
-Michael Caine: Ebenezer Scrooge
-Jessica Fox: Ghost of Christmas Past
-Steven Mackintosh: Fred
-Meredith Braun: Belle
-David Shaw Parker: voices Old Joe
-Robin Weaver: Clara

Muppets Treasure Island
-Released by Jim Henson's son Brian
-Guest Appearances
-Kevin Bishop: Jim Hawkins
-Tim Curry: Long John Silver
-Jennifer Saunders: Mrs. Bluveridge
-Billy Connolly: Billy Jones
-David Nicholls: Capt. Flint
-Danny Blackner: Short Stack Stevens

Muppets from Space:
-6th feature film
-Guest Appearances
-Jeffrey Tambor: K. Edgar Singer
-F. Murray Abraham: Noah
-David Arquette: Dr. Tucker
-Rob Schneider: UFO Mania TV Producer
-Ray Liotta: Security Guard
-Kathy Griffin: female Armed Guard

Muppets Wizard of Oz
-Stars Ashanti, an R&B singer
-Guest Appearances
-Ashanti: Dorothy Gale
-Queen Latifah: Aunt Em
-David Alan Grier: Uncle Henry
-Jeffrey Tambor: The Wizard
-Kelly Osbourne: Dorothy Gale(Extended version)
-Quentin Tarantino: himself

Fraggle Rock

-Fraggles: humanioid creatures abiyt 18'' with fur in a variety of color and tail like a lion's.
-Gobo Fraggle: leader of main 5 Fraggles, level headed and practical
-Mokey Fraggle: highly spiritual, artistic, hippie-type and remains quiet and contemplative.
-Red Fraggle: exhuberant and athletic, best swimmer among the Fraggles
-Wembley Fraggle: Gobo's roommate and  nervous, pathologically decisive
-Boober Fraggle: depressed and worrying, enjoys washing socks, negative and hypochondriac
-Uncle "Traveling" Matt: Gobo's famous explorer uncle, spends time in "Outer Space". Sends postcards to his nephew
-Cave Fraggles: deep in the caves of Fraggle Rock lives another group called the Cave Fraggles, dull and not fun
-Chuchu Fraggle: extremely large yellow teeth
-Clerk Fraggle: responsible for taking attendance at meetings of Fraggle Rock Volunteer Fire Dept.
-Feenie Fraggle: good natured, slow-witted
-Firechief Fraggle: heads the fire dept.
-Gillis Fraggle: wears black jacket and pair of half moon glasses. Resident musician of Fraggle Rock. His name comes from the music arranger Don Gillis
-Herkimer Fraggle: serves as caretaker of Rhyming Rock
-Large Marvin Fraggle: fat Fraggle who loves snacking and swimming
-Lou "Louise" Fraggle: becomes Wembley's girlfriend
-Marlon Fraggle: odd looking, resembles Peter Lorre.
-Rumple Fraggle: wears aviator hat and goggles.
-Tosh Fraggle: Has a pet beast named Beastie, friend of Boobers

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