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Friday, October 28, 2011

Musician Nicknames

I really wonder how some of these musicians get nicknames. Whether it be due to their name, something they do in music or a persona they adopt. I really wonder how they get them

Musicians and their nicknames:

-Dusty Springfield-British soul musician of the 1960s- The White Queen of Soul
-Aaliyah- Brooklyn born R&B singer- Queen of R&B
-Christina Aguilera- pop singer- Queen of Pop
-Jay Chou-Taiwanese born musician- King of Chinese Pop
-David Bowie- British born rock singer- The Thin White Duke
-Rob Halford- Judas Priest- Metal God
-Charlie Watts-Rolling Stones drummer- The Wembley Whammer
-Cui Jian- Chinese musician- Father of Chinese Rock
-Whitney Houston- singer- Prom Queen of Soul
-Joan Jett- punk singer, The Blackhearts- Godmother of Punk
-Joey Ramone- punk singer, The Ramones- Godfather of Punk
-Ozzy Osbourne- singer, Black Sabbath- Prince of Darkness
-Prince- singer- His Purple Majesty
-Bruce Springsteen- singer, E-Street Band- The Boss
-Weird Al Yankovich- parody singer- King Parody
-Keith Richards- Rolling Stones guitarist- Keef, The Human Riff
-Ronnie Wood- Rolling Stones guitarist- Woody, Ronnie, The New Kid
-R. Kelly: King of R&B
-Les Paul: Architect of Rock and Roll
-Avril Lavigne- Pop Punk Princess
-Lonnie Donnegan: King of Skiffle

Bands with Nicknames
-Aerosmith: America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band, The American Rolling Stones
-Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica: The Big Four of Thrash
-The Beatles: The Fab Four
-Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin, Marth Reeves, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick: Five Mighty Pop Divas of the 60s
-The Rolling Stones: the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World
-Judas Priest: Metal Gods
-The Clash: The Only Band That Matters

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