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Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted Alabama

In honor of today being Halloween, I thought I'd do a couple posts on haunted locations in the US and around the world.


-Indian Meadows: the community of Indian Meadows and it's sister community Shady Grove are built over Cherokee Indian burial grounds. At night, dark figures have been seen runnign around the outskirts of the neighborhoods. People who walks around at night who are brave enough say they get the feeling that someone is following them or even hear someone following them.
-Haunted activity includes: Footsteps being heard in the hallways of homes late at night, scratching noises on doors, seeing shadows of possibly the Indians buried there rushing past windows, doors slamming shut, voices calling names, electrical equipment suddenly going on/off by themselves, sound of someone/something running through the house, if you walk the streets of Indian Meadows/Shady Grove at night, you can have your own creepy experience!

-Old Buck Creek Cotton Mill: old cotton mill opened in 1896. Blood spots in some rooms, cold spots and scary noises
-Memory Hill Cemetery: This cemetery is definitely haunted. If you go into the middle of the cemetery, you get a cold chill down your spine and at night, you can hear a girl singing Amazing Grace
-Anniston High School/Girl's Locker Room: there is a legend of a vengful ghost here. A girl is late getting changed and leaves something behind. She goes back to get it while her friend holds up the bus for her. A man then tries to rape and kill her, but he somehow ends up dead and the body never found. It's pretty obvious that if you're a girl, never go in her by yourself.
-Locker doors open/close by themselves, footsteps are heard, the door to the locker room creaks open, even if there is no one there, cold chills are felt, loud breathing heard from right behind you and when you turn, no one there

-Engle Mountain: 2 tall figures have been seen walking around on Engle Mountain. People who live nearby say they hear shotgun blasts going off between 12:00am-2:00am. People who also live nearby who have computers say that their computers go on/off by themselves, with ghostly images popping up on the screen, and to be known, it's a good thing to LOCK YOUR DOORS!

-Atalla Wood Bridge: it's said that a bus full of kids fell off and went into the lake. It's said that if you put your front wheels on the right side of the bridge and put your car in neutral, the spirits of the children will push you to safey.

-Old Train Depot: it's abandoned, and also known that if you go anywhere in this place, you come right back you started. It's old, so be careful. and this place is usually patrolled by police, so make sure you are not trespassing.
Bayou La Batre
-Gwodz Road: in the early 1930s and 1940s, members of the KKK hung black folks there for unknown reasons. The spirits of those who had died return there at night. You can sometimes hear screaming and laughter, if you stop your car under the noose and turn off the car and lights, you hear scratching noises and the car will shake

-Parkwood Apartments: there was a horrible homicide in the 1970s. Every year in January on the anniversary of the homicide, blood appears to ooze from the walls in the upstairs hall, the strong, nauseating smell of burning flesh is strong, and one woman reported feeling fingers caressing her neck and breast. Most believe the ghost was the spirit of the murderer who was never found.
-Sloss Furnaces: used to be an old iron plant. It's now a popular concert venue. The ghost of an employee who worked there and was killed there has been seen walking the catwalk above the stage
-Bridge in Refuge: it's a small one lane bridge in the middle of nowhere. If you go there at night, you can see balls of light, and hear strange noises. If you get out of your car, you get the feeling of something walking right beside you and it's a menacing feeling. There's one area where nothing grows and everything looks dead. People have said that their cars will start rocking, and being chased by an unknown entity. On certain nights, there is an overall feeling of evil in this place
-Cry Baby Bridge: on a foggy night long ago, a war was going on. A woman and her baby were being chased by men who wanted to kill her, so they caught the baby and threw it into the creek and it died. If you leave an unwrapped candy bar and turn around, it's gone! And if you look into the water, you might see a shadow of a baby and might even hear it crying.

East Brewton
-Fort Crawford Cemetery/Park: if you enter the cemetery around 11:00pm-12:00pm, you can see a shadowy black figure roaming around and hear children laughing. In the park from midnight-3am, you can see a Confederate soldier walking around and if you stay long enough, he'll ask you if you have seen his gun
-Hell's Gate(Green Mountain): there is a set of big black gates that sit about a mile from the bottom that's supposed to guard some mansion. If you sit for long enough, a car will come and chase you down the mountain until you get to the bottom.

-USS Alabama Battleship: currently in Mobile Bay. It was brought to Mobile Bay in 1964 as a tourist attraction anad memorial to veterans. It's a South Dakota clas battleship that saw plenty of action in WWII, it was completed in 1942 for use against the Japanese in the South Pacific and is known for downing 23 Japanese aircraft. Luck was with the crew and everyone on board was able to make it out safely without injuries or damage. There were only a few deaths on board, 8 from a 5'' gun mount(mount #5) that were killed from friendly fire from gun mount #9. Mount 9 fired into mount 5, killing all inside and all that was left of the commander were his boots. The men inside were vaporized from the shell exploding. In the Marine compartment, where they stayed, footsteps are heard, voices heard, watertight hatches would suddenly close by themselves, the bulkheads would start popping and tapping with nothing to explain it.
-Montevallo High School: Montevallo had 2 high schools when segregation was in session. The principal at Montevallo Negro High School was a guy named Mr. Prentice. He was sweet and known for checking on things. Things began to get tough for him because of segregation and he hung himself in the girl's locker room. He still haunts that room. If you hear a chuckle, he's there! Doors by where his office was will open by themselves, and kids say it's just him checking on things.

-Tuskegee Area of Macon County/Tuskegee Air Base: during WWII, this is where the Tuskegee Airmen trained, the US's first black air pilots. At night, faint sound of an explosion can be heard and certain parts of the field that are abandoned, you can hear voices and screams of the pilots. WARNING! NO TRESPASSING! A country club now owns the lot and there is a sign posted that reads "Anyone found here at night will be found here at morning".

Red Level
-Consolation Church: no longer used because of the legend of the Banshees. If you sit inside the gates, you can hear Confederate soldiers marching and if you use the outhouse behind the church, the door shuts and locks behind you. The only way to get out is if someone lets you out. When you are leaving, you might see a little boy playing with a ball. If he rolls it to you and you pick it up to give back, legend has it that you will die. When going down the long road, you might see a little girl skipping by. Your car will not pass her. And if you stay too long, a 1950s model black Ford truck will come racing out from behind the church and chase you. If it catches you, you might end up in a collision with no survivors. Also hellhounds have been seen around here.

-Flatwoods: this stretch of woods is said to be haunted by the spirits of freed slaves. The slaves set up a small town and lived there until the KKK burned it down and killed the residents. A few buildings stand, and lights have been seen in the ruins at night. The strong, nauseating smell of burning meat has been detected on foggy nights.

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