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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cute Guys/Nice Guys From Down Under.....

Steve Irwin
-Australian TV personality, best known as The Crocodile Hunter
-Died by a fatal stingray spine getting pierced by mistake in his heart. RIP Crocodile Hunter.
-He was so cool, dealing with animals
Hugh Jackman [insert little hearts, lol!!!!] If I see a picture of him, I seem to turn into some kind of pathetic drool monkey, lmao. IDK why, but he's so cute!!!
-Involved in film, theatre and TV
-Best known role: Wolverine in X-Men
Keith Urban [insert little hearts, lol]
-New Zealand-born Australian country music singer whose success has mainly been in the US and Australia
Simon Baker. Megahottie!!!!!!!!
-Plays the main character on The Mentalist
Alex O'Loughlin
-Plays Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O and Mick St. John on Moonlight
Jesse Spencer
-Plays Dr. Robert Chase on the TV show House

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