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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Musicians Long Gone

Have you ever noticed that over the years, many people, including famous musicians, have suddenly been dying and no one knows how or why? This post will be about those musicians everyone loved and probably misses.

Duane Allman- age 24, Motorcycle accident
Ronnie James Dio- age 67, Dio, Black Sabbath, stomach cancer
Brian Jones- age 27, The Rolling Stones, drowning
Florence Ballard- age 32, medical, blood clot
Marc Bolan- age 25, T-Rex, car accident
Tommy Bolin- age 25, drug overdose
John Bonham- age 32, Led Zeppelin, alcohol overdose
Cliff Burton- age 25, Metallica, traffic accident
Glen Buxton- age 49, pneumonia
David Byron- age 38, Uriah Heep, heart attack
Eric Carr- age 41, cancer
Chas Chandler- age 58, The Animals, heart attack
Harry Chapin- age 38, car accident
Steve Clark- age 30, Def Leppard, alcohol
Allen Collins- age 37, Lynyrd Skynyrd, pneumonia
Brian Connolly- age 52, The Sweet, heart attack
Jim Croce- age 30, airplane crash
"Mama" Cass Elliot- age 32, The Mamas and the Papas, heart attack
Cassie and Steven Gaines- aged 28, Lynyrd Skynyrd, airplane crash

Jerry Garcia- age 53, The Grateful Dead, heart attack
Ray Gillen- age 33, Black Sabbath, cancer
Michael Hutchence- age 37, INXS, suicide
Alexis Korner- age 56, Blues Incorporated, cancer
Ronnie Lane- age 51, The Small Faces, multiple sclerosis
George Harrison- age 58, The Beatles, lung cancer

John Lennon- age 40, The Beatles, murdered

Steve Marriott- age 43, The Small Faces, fire
Freddie Mercury- age 45, Queen, AIDS
Keith Moon- age 32, The Who, drug overdose
Don Myrick- age 53, Earth, Wind & Fire- murdered
Joey Ramone- age 49, The Ramones, cancer
Mick Ronson- age 47, David Bowie's band, cancer
Ian Stewart- age 47, The Rolling Stones- heart attack
Rory Storm- age 32, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, suicide
Stuart Sutcliffe- age 21, The Beatles, medical, brain tumor
Sid Vicious- age 21, The Sex Pistols, drug overdose
Kurt Winter- age 51, The Guess Who, liver failure
Terry Kath- age 32, Chicago, gun accident
Karen Carpenter- age 32, the Carpenters, anorexia

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