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Monday, October 24, 2011

Jagger and Richards aka The Glimmer Twins
These two, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, are the ones behind most of the songs written for British rock band The Rolling Stones. These 2 also have numerous albums that they have produced under the name The Glimmer Twins. These 2 have numerous songs and albums under their belts, unfortunately, during the mid 1980s, "The Glimmer Twins" took a break from each other, mainly because of some odd reason. For some reason, Mick had refused to go on tour to promote The Stones Undercover album and Keith wanted to tour, so the 2 started fighting. And it seems these 2 are always at each other's throats about things, whether it be Mick doing some solo music or Keith doing something. And it turns out that this fighting between the 2 has been going on since the early 70s, and when newbie Ronnie Wood joined the group in 1975, he had to stand as mediator between the 2 to keep them from getting physical. And what actually helped them to stop fighting was the creation of the 1989 Steel Wheels album because prior to this, their feuds had been very highly publicised.

According to media, their relationship has been described as love/hate. In Keith's biography Life, he describes Jagger as being "unbearable" and says their relationship has been strained for years. And Keith even tried to persuade Jagger to appear in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with him and Johnny Depp, but it proved to be unsuccessful.

1971 Sticky Fingers album. Man, I hope they have something on behind that...
Richards himself said in a 1998 interview: "I think of our differences as a family squabble. If I shout and scream at him, it's because no one else has the guts to do it or else they're paid not to do it. At the same time I'd hope Mick realises that I'm a friend who is just trying to bring him into line and do what needs to be done."[29] Richards, along with Johnny Depp, tried unsuccessfully to persuade Jagger to appear in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, alongside Depp and Richards. And media also seems to say that if Mick Jagger and Keith Richards keep fighting, there may not be another tour.

-The 2 have different sides of how this collaboration has come to be.
According to Keith:
  "So what Andrew Oldham did was lock us up in the kitchen for a night and say, 'Don't come out without a song.' We sat around and came up with 'As Tears Go By'. It was unlike most Rolling Stones material, but that's what happens when you write songs, you immediately fly to some other realm. The weird thing is that Andrew found Marianne Faithfull at the same time, bunged it to her and it was a fuckin' hit for her - we were songwriters already! But it took the rest of that year to dare to write anything for the Stones."

Jagger's version is:
Keith likes to tell the story about the kitchen, God bless him. I think Andrew may have said something at some point along the lines of 'I should lock you in a room until you've written a song' and in that way he did mentally lock us in a room, but he didn't literally lock us in. One of the first songs we came out with was that tune for George Bean, the very memorable 'It Should Be You'.
The first song to be released under this couple was Tell Me(You're Coming Back). And then agains, some songs have been credited as being written by either Mick Jagger, like Brown Sugar, Sympathy for the Devil or Keith Richards, like Little T&A, Happy. This is in ways similar to the John Lennon/Paul McCartney songwriting skills of Beatles fame. When it came to music, Jagger was always the one to focus on lyrics while Richards focused on music.

Just had to throw this one in, lol. Try and find Mick, Keith, and possibly either Ronnie or Charlie. Myabe they're not in here? IDK, but I'm thinking that one with black hair and glasses standing might be him. But if u can't find them, Mick is the obvious one with the short brown hair and red shirt on and Keith is the obvious one with red headband on.
Mike Myers playing Mick Jagger, making fun of the fights between "The Glimmer Twins" on Saturday Night Live

List of Rolling Stones singles credited to Jagger/Richards
These are the Jagger/Richards songs that have been released as Rolling Stones singles (both A-side and B-sides), and promos, as credited to Jagger/Richards:

"Glimmer Twins" origin
How they came across the name Glimmer Twins is they were on a vacation cruise to Brazil in December 1968/January 1969 with their girlfriends Marianne Faithful and Anita Pallenberg. An older English couple on the ship kept asking Mick and Keith who they were. When they repeatedly refused, the woman supposedly said "Just give us a glimmer" meaning give us a hint about who you are, which seemed to amuse Mick and Keith

Their first album under the new name was the 1974 album It's Only Rock and Roll. They also used this name in producing Still Life: American Concert 1981, which was released in 1982, and the Undercover album of 1983.
Rolling Stones Concert Tours

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