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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Asian Media Stereotypes

In pop culture, there was a character named Charlie Chan, who was supposed to be a Chinese-Hawaiian detective, which was based on an actual Chinese-Hawaiian detective named Chang Apana. The character Chan was not once played by any and I mean ANY Asian actors, but white British or just white actors, such as Sidney Toler, Roland Winter, or Warner Oland.

An example of the martial arts expert is that of Chow Yun-fat's character in the 2003 movie Bulletproof Monk, where he played the Monk with No Name, who was an expert at martial arts, despite Chow Yun-fat not knowing martial arts in real life, he is not a martial artist but simply an actor.

An example of the supergeek stereotype is that of Long Duk Dong, a geeky Chinese foreign exchange student played gy Gedde Watanabe in Sixteen Candles.

An example of the asexual martial artist is that of Jet Li's character Han Sing in the 2000 movie Romeo Must Die. There was supposed to be a scene at the end of the movie where his character and Aaliyah's Trish O'Day share a kiss, but some people felt it would be bad to show an Asian man and a black woman kissing and also to portray an Asian man in a sexual light.

These stereotypes are very common, along with movies showing Asians as being part of the Triads or Chinese Mafia, basically this gives everyone the impression that Asians are bad people.

Famous Asian people:

B.D. Wong
Law and Order:SVU as Dr. George Huang
Michelle Wie
LPGA golf  player
Archie Kao

Major Cutie!!

Masi Oka
James Iha

Ok, he's sexy, but blonde and Asian sure don't mix! But man he's HOT!!! Guitarist for Smashing Pumpkins

Aaron Yoo


Michelle Yeoh

She's one of my favorite actresses. She's so beautiful

Jet Li
OMG, sexy!
Chow Yun-fat


James Shigeta
Joseph Yoshinobi Takagi, Die Hard

Jason Wu

Jason Wu, fashion designer

Lucy Liu

One of my many favorite actresses.

Connie Chung

The first Asian news reporter I've ever seen. So she's awesome!

Carrie Ann Inaba
Hiroyuki Sanada
Ken Watanabe

He's cute too, for being in his 50s, he's still pretty sexy!
 Gedde Watanabe
Jang Dong Gun

What are they putting in the water in China, Japan and Korea to make guys so sexy???
 Bruce Lee

He inspires me
 Sandra Oh
Grace Park
John Cho
Tim Kang

Kimball Cho on The Mentalist
 Ming-Na Wen
Daniel Dae Kim

Hawaii Five-O, as Det. Chin Ho Kelly

Vern Yip

I love that show he does, Deserving Design. He does good for others

Yao Ming

Aww, how sweet. They look so happy together, so good for them. :)

Kristy Yamaguchi
Kurt Suzuki

I gotta start watching the team he's on, :)

Noriyuki 'Pat'Morita

The Karate Kid. RIP Noriyuki
 Brian Tochi
John Lone

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