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Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted Colorado and other states


Estes Park
-The Stanley Hotel: built in the early 1900s, this place is a resort for the rich and famous. This hotel inspired author Stephen King to write The Shining. Past employees have said thet hear mysterious noises, and footsteps, and see ghosts. A ghost has been seen in room 407 in the window, as well as rooms 217 and 401. In room 407, it is believed to be haunted by a person known as Lord Dunraven. He was run out of town by people because he was trying to con them out of land and money. He mostly stands in the corner of the room near the bathroom. The elevator also constantly runs, and makes noise, especially at 2am
Fort Carson
-The Old Ft. Carson Hospital/Mental Clinic: the buildings in the area were built in 1941, post-Pearl Harbor. A lot of German and Italian POWs were kept here. There is an intricate system of tunnels beneath the hospital connecting the buildings, and one night an MP investigated na open door to one of the tunnels only to find a whole bunch of kids toys, a small chair and table and other assorted children's items. Also seen were words painted on the walls with no visible way to paint them. On certain nights when the weather is cold, strange noises are heard. Movement is heard throughout the building, as if furniture ie being moved, repeated banging noises, faces being seen peering throught the windows. An older American Indian woman says the building was built directly over the Trail of Tears. There is also a low lying field nearby where nothing will stand, and attempts at construction have been unsuccessful.

Kiowa County
-Sand Creek: this is the site of the Sand Creek Massacre. On Nov. 29, 1864, over 200 Native American men, women and children were brutally slaughtered by Col. John Chivington. Him and his men hunted the Indians along the Sand Creek riverbed and in many cases, they tried to find refuge in the small caves. The Indians were used as target practice, mutilated and before death, had body parts amputated as use for trophies. On the anniversary of the massacre, campers have seen ghosts of the Native Americans going down to the Sand Creek bed where they died, appearing for a minute or 2 and then disappearing into the soil.

-The Old Chapel: a man had come and killed the preacher here and raped a nun. When she became pregnant, she hung herself on the top floor after finding out about the pregnancy. Today, this unhappy nun can be heard crying and moaning, and has even been seen roaming the halls.


-Rock Road/Old Tory Prison: people have seen British soldiers in Revolutionary War-era uniforms marching here, some in chains. People hear moans, from the prison. It's not particularly large, just a small stone and cement building. Locals don't like snoopy people and they may call the police on you for trespassing.
-Fairfield University/Dolan Hall: this was a former convent. There is a story here about a priest raping a nun, her getting pregnant and hanging herself. Loud, unexplainable bangs have woken up and scared students at 4am in rooms 231, 229, 227, 225

-Undercliff Institute: in the early 1900s, and through the 1930s and 1940s, this was a hospital for children with diseases like German measles, rubella, mumps, etc. They were sent here to die. The old brick building still stands. Local residents say they hear children's laughing, and crying. They are seen in the windows and suddenly disappear. The place is now abandoned. There are reports of hearing former patients running around corners to escape orderlies, and faint screams from patients and rooms where shock therapy was used. There is also a report about a former patient who was killed by the other patients who walks around with utensils in their hand walking around the courtyard.
-Charles Island: located off Silver Sands state beach. Once upon a time, this place was a place of fighting between English settlers and the Wepaowag Indians. The chief of the tribe put a curse on the island, saying that any structure would fall to the ground. 25 years later, the famous Capt. Kidd is said to have buried his treaure on the island. In the 1850s, 2 men found the treasure only to run away screaming saying they saw a flaming, screeching skeleton coming down from the sky. Those 2 ended up in an asylum. At the end of the 18th century, a monastery was built. There were numerous reports of deaths, suicides, bouts of insanity. Today, monastic ghostly monks can be seen, body-less voices, glowing ghosts being seen through the trees, night time Indian festivals, and ghostly Indians.

-Neighborhood of Bay Oaks: streaks of light and glowing orbs seen frequently. This area is believed ot be haunted by the spirits of a massacre between Indians and Dutch settlers. In this battle, Indians were slaughtered by newly arrived Dutch settlers, leaving behind items like Dutch pottery, arrowheads found by new homeowners. Paranormal activity includes cold spots, feeling of being watched or that someone is in the room with you, globes of light, disappearing/reappearing of ghost-related books

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