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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Foreign-made TV

Here are some pics of some of the British TV shows and other TV shows that my stepdad has managed to get me hooked on. I swear I'm spending waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time around him. Last night, my mom was joking around about me and my stepdad, calling us the 2 Einsteins, and there's sarcasm on that when she said it, she thinks I'm a lil like him.

My Family

Mr. Bean

Top Gear

The Red Green Show(Canadian TV show)

Primeval. And I mean the British version, not the poorly made, British-ripped off American version. Seriously, I don't understand what it is that Americans have to rip off ideas from the Brits. Maybe they think they can make something better when there's no real need for improvement. Personally when it comes to TV, of the Brits came up with it, and America does an American version, odds are the British version will end up being better!!

Character nameActorFirst appearanceLast appearance
Nick CutterDouglas Henshall1.13.3
Stephen HartJames Murray1.12.7
Helen CutterJuliet Aubrey1.13.10
Connor TempleAndrew Lee Potts1.15.6
Abby MaitlandHannah Spearritt1.15.6
Claudia BrownLucy Brown1.11.6
James LesterBen Miller1.15.6
Captain Tom RyanMark Wakeling1.11.6
TomJake Curran1.21.4
DuncanJames Bradshaw1.24.2
Oliver LeekKarl Theobald2.12.7
Jenny LewisLucy Brown2.14.6
The CleanerTim Faraday2.13.3
Caroline SteelNaomi Bentley2.22.7
Mick HarperRamon Tikaram2.63.4
Captain BeckerBen Mansfield3.15.6
Sarah PageLaila Rouass3.13.10
Christine JohnsonBelinda Stewart-Wilson3.13.9
Danny QuinnJason Flemyng3.24.7
Katherine KavanaghRuth Gemmell3.33.4
Captain WilderAlex McSweeney3.43.9
Jack MaitlandRobert Daniel Lowe3.43.8
Matt AndersonCiarán McMenamin4.15.6
Jess ParkerRuth Kearney4.15.6
Philip BurtonAlexander Siddig4.15.6
GideonAnton Lesser4.14.6
Emily MerchantRuth Bradley4.35.6
Ethan DobrowskiJonathyn Byrne4.34.7
April LeonardJanice Byrne5.15.5

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