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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shark Tale

This is one of my favorite animated movies. It's funny and cracks me up, partly because in here, it has to do with a Mafia family-- of sharks, lol.
Made in: 2004
Made by: Dreamworks Animation

Oscar(Will Smith) is a lowly tongue cleaner at the local Whale Wash while dreaming of one day being rich and famous and successful. Then his boss, a puffer fish named Sykes(Martin Scorcese) says he owes five thousand clams and wants it the next day. After telling his angel fish friend Angie(Rene Zellweger), she gives him a pink pearl given to her by her grandma to pawn for the money. When he brings the money to a racetrack to meet Sykes, he puts all the money on a horse named Lucky Day. This bet attracts the attention of a seductive lion fish named Lola(Angelina Jolie). She becomes interested in Oscar until Sykes says that he is a lowly tongue scrubber. When he finds out that Oscar put all the money on 'Lucky Day' he is furious but positive the horse will win. It is close to winning except it falls right before the finish line. And Oscar is taken to a secluded area for punishment.

Meanwhile, a family of mob oriented Great Whites has a problem with one of their sons, Lenny(Jack Black) who is a vegetarian. Finally his father, Don Lino(Robert De Niro) has his other son Frankie(Michael Imperioli) go and take Lenny out and show him the ropes of being a tough guy. Frankie finds the spot where Oscar is being tortured by 2 Jamaican jellyfish Ernie(Doug E. Doug) and Bernie(Ziggy Marley). When the jellyfish see Lenny, they run off, leaving him alone with Oscar. As he tries to free Oscar, Frankie sees this and goes after him. But suddenly an anchor drops and hits Frankie on the head, killing him. Oscar sees that he was the only one near the body and thinks this is his way to fame, as a sharkslayer.

When Oscar returns to the reef, he returns as the Sharkslayer, with Sykes as his manager, Lola as his girl and living in luxury at the top of the reef. Meanwhile, Don Lino has everyone out looking for his son Lenny, who has taken refuge in Oscar's house. When Angie finds out, she threatens to tell but Oscar and Lenny convince her to keep quiet. Oscar soon learns that fame is not everything, his friendship with Angie is broken and her love for him is broken by his dishonesty, and Lola says she is here for him as long as he's famous. With Don Lino planning payback, Oscar and Lenny stage an event in town where it looks like Lenny is attacking Oscar and he throws Lenny into the deep. When he leaves Lola for Angie, she is determined to get payback.

When Oscar is ready to present some gifts to Angie, he finds that Don Lino has kidnapped Angie in order to force a meeting. Now Lenny comes along, disguised as a dolphin named Sebastian. When they arrive, they see Lola next to Don Lino, with Angie bound and gagged with duct tape on a plate in the center of the table to be eaten if Oscar does not comply. When Lenny pretends to eat her, he suddenly regurgitates her back on to the table and Don Lino realizes it's Lenny. He then chases Oscar through the reef to the Whale Wash, where he is trapped. After that, Oscar confesses that it was an anchor that killed Frankie, not him. So now Oscar is manager of the Whale Wash which is now frequented by sharks



  • Will Smith as Oscar, an underachieving worker in the Whalewash of Reef City. He wants to be rich, but his schemes always fail and he owes 5,000 clams to Mr. Sykes.
  • Jack Black as Lenny, a great white shark who is a closeted vegetarian.
  • Robert De Niro as Don Lino, Frankie and Lenny's father, the leader of a mob of criminally-inclined sharks and the film's main antagonist. He wants Lenny and Frankie to take over the business and run it together, and is infuriated when Oscar gets in the way.
  • Renée Zellweger as Angie, an angelfish, Oscar's best friend and coworker. Angie harbors a secret romantic interest in Oscar.
  • Angelina Jolie as Lola, a seductive female gold-digger lionfish[disambiguation needed] whom Oscar develops a romantic interest in.
  • Martin Scorsese as Mr. Sykes, a porcupinefish and a loan shark whom Oscar owes five thousand clams to. He once worked for Don Lino but was thrown out and called in his debts to pay off the gangster.
  • Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug as Ernie and Bernie, two Jamaican jellyfish and Mr. Sykes' henchmen. They enjoy jabbing Oscar with their vicious stingers when he is in trouble with Sykes.
  • Michael Imperioli as Frankie, the more savage son of Lino. Like Lino, he is embarrassed by Lenny's vegetarian tendencies.
  • Vincent Pastore as Luca, Don Lino's "left-hand, right-hand man". Luca is an octopus with a tendency to state the obvious.
  • Peter Falk as Don Ira Feinberg, an elderly leopard shark who is friends with Don Lino. He performs karaoke (badly) at the sharks' headquarters.
  • David P. Smith as Crazy Joe, a deranged hermit crab who is Oscar's other friend. He normally lives in a dumpster near the Whalewash.
  • Katie Couric as Katie Current, the local reporter. At the time, Katie Couric hosted Today in America. In the Australian release, then local Today co-host Tracy Grimshaw dubbed the lines. Fiona Phillips of the UK's GMTV performed the voice for the UK release of the film. Cristina Parodi of Italy's Verissimo provided the Italian version of the character.

Will Smith: Oscar
Jack Black: Lenny
Robert De Niro: Don Lino
Rene Zellweger: Angie
Angelina Jolie: Lola
Martin Scorcese: Sykes
Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug as Ernie and Bernie

Doug E. Doug

Ziggy Marley
 Michael Imperioli: Frankie
Vincent Pastore: Luca
Peter Falk: Don Ira Feinberg
Katie Couric: Katie Current

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