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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

They're Going to the Chapel and They're Gonna Get Married!

The title stems from an old 1950s or 1960s song.

And in music news, Paul McCartney recently got married. The now 69 year old musician married Nancy Shevell, who is a member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority. On May 6, 2011, the 2 were engaged, and on Oct. 9, 2011, the 2 were married at Old Marylebone Town Hall, where his first marriage in 1969 took place. The day before the wedding, they both attended services at a synagogue out of respects for Nancy's Jewish heritage. Now she's known as Lady McCartney. I'm glad something good like this can make news.
I'm happy for him, go Paul. Because doesn't everyone deserve a little happiness? I'm happy for him, I'm sure this marriage will be a good thing for him.

His other relationships include:
Dot Rhone: She was his first serious girlfriend, and he met her at the Casbah Club in 1959. He chose clothes for her and had her hair designed like French actress Brigitte Bardot. They had a 3 year relationship until Rhone's miscarriage came up. She accompanied Cynthia Lennon to Hamburg when the Beatles played there in 1962

Jane Asher: He met the British actress on April 18, 1963 when a photographer asked them to pose together at a Beatles concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. They started seeing each other more and he took up residence with her at her parents' house in London where he lived for 3 years before moving the 2 to his house in St. John's Wood. While living at Asher's house, he wrote Yesterday, And I Love Her, You Won't See Me, I'm Looking Through You. Their relationship lasted 5 years.

Linda McCartney: In 1969, he married American photographer Linda Eastman, who he described as the woman who gave him strength and courage to work after the sad break up of The Beatles. They both met previously at the Bag O' Nails club during her UK assignment, which was to take pictures of "Swinging Sixties" musicians in London. They both ahd something in common: they both supported animal rights, and while together, they had 4 children: Linda's daughter Heather(who Paul adopted), Mary, Stella, James. They remained married until Linda's death in 1999 from breast cancer. They get the most pictures because they were married the longest and plus I think they were a cute couple. And he must have really loved her.

He looks like such a romantic guy.
I don't know who Heather was trying to fool, saying he was a drunk.

He must have really loved her. They look so happy together.

Heather Mills: oooooh, this one. GOLDDIGGER!!!!!! In 2002, he married Heather Mills, a former model and anti-landmines campaigner. They ahd a child, Beatrice, in 2003. They separated in May 2006, and divorced in May 2008. She often made up lies about Paul, saying he was a drug addict, a drunk, a violent abusive man, but a book she wrote called Life Balance: The Essential Keys to a Lifetime of Wellbeing contradicted those claims, making it the truth, that Paul was a very loving man who gave her breakfast in bed, and other sweet gestures.

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