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Monday, October 17, 2011

Black Media Stereotypes

When it comes to media, people of African descent are considered to be less intelligent than everyone else.

In movies, white people and black people are seen as different:
  • Using vulgar language: whites- 17% blacks-89%
  • Being physically violent: whites- 11% blacks- 56%
  • Having to be physically restrained: whites-6% blacks- 55%
  • But do some of the people who think this way think that whites are the ones who get arrested for some of the stuff above. How many white people do you hear about using bad language? ALOT. How many white people do you hear about getting violent? A heck of a lot. How many whites have to be physically restrained? More than usual. So now, it's not blacks who do this, it's more white people than black people who sometimes fit these statistics here!
Famous people of African descent.

Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr
Sojourner Truth
Harriet Tubman
Rosa Parks
Jackie Robinson
Medgar Evers

Denzel Washington
He looks good with facial hair
Halle Berry
Queen Latifah
Hill Harper
Wow, what a sexy hunk!!!
Stevie Wonder
Ray Charles
Morgan Freeman
Brandon Phillips

According to my sis, she says he's her little Hershey bar, lol. Don't ask!!!
 Oprah Winfrey
Will Smith
Alfre Woodard
Alicia Keys
Eddie Murphy

And honestly, how many blacks do you hear using things like "Yo, what up dog? How's my homie?" Only a few around me, it's white kids using that cuz they think it's cool. Yeah right. And as for the fashion, white kids think it's fashionable to wear your pants below your butt, well, guess what? They're in for a surprise. That trend started in prison, when you're someone's lover in prison, you show off your goods by wearing your pants low and as for the oversized shirts, just like dresses from the mouth and word of a good friend of mine, lol, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha to all those who wear baggy pants and oversized shirts!

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