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Monday, October 17, 2011

Black stereotypes

I hope Americans of African descent sounds as nice as can be. I don't want to see offensive. But the way I look at it, people who are black are basically just white people with really good tans. Hopefully that's a funny way of looking at racism.

  • People of African descent are shown to be overly superstitious, joyous, naive, ignorant
  • They are shown to be lazy, criminals, poor, very religious, violent, animalistic, smelly
  • They will be shown to be drinking Kool-Aid, eating fried chicken, watermelon because they supposedly like that stuff. I say to this WTF? How wrong is that?!?!?!?
  • They will be shown living in slums/ghettos, on welfare
  • Women will be assumed to be heavyset, with a whole bunch of kids and no knowledge of where the father is
  • Or having big lips, being high school or school dropouts, mean, great at sports, love white women, gangsta's, good rhythm at dancing, confident.
OK, I don't think that way about people. How can I? I have 4 friends my dad used to work with who are black and I've known them all my life. They rule, here are their names: Ricky, Andre, Harriet, and Brenda. They rock. Andre runs a barber shop in Colerain, OH, Harriet's husband Alfred worked for Coca-Cola until he had a massive stroke on the way to Georgia for his family reunion, Brenda makes me and my sis laugh, and Ricky, I don't know what he's up to, but he still remains a friend. And what really ticks me off is my aunt Lisa and her KKK-like clan of family were giving Andre, Ricky, Harriet and Brenda dirty looks when they came to my dad's funeral. I was glad they came, and to really piss off my aunt Lisa, me and my sis were hugging Ricky, Andre, Brenda and Harriet. So please don't be hating people because of who they are. Karma will get ya back!

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