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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Law and Order: UK

I thought I'd go a little more into detail on this one instead of the brief mentioning I gave it on my Law and Order Series post. I just thought this would make for an interesting post. It's something new that I never knew, I never knew they made a Law and Order:UK. I have seen a little of it, but not enough to know if it's any good or not. May have to start watching it more. And instead of on the American version where judges are called Judges, on the UK version, judges are called Barristers and instead of a regular court room, they have a Crown court, or royal court, something like that.

Cast from seasons 1-4

Cast from season 5 and on
Law and Order: UK is a British adaptation of the American law show. It's the first American show to be adapted for British TV. It is based in and around London, so if you live here, and watch it, you can have fun saying "I know where that is." It follows the same method the American Law and Order follows: the first half is spent trying to find the suspect and solve the crime and the second half is spent following the legal and court proceedings with hopes of convicting the guilty suspect. Instead of the other Law and Order shows where it also focuses on their lives outside work, Law and Order:UK mainly focuses on their lives at work. for the Law part, it takes place around various places in or around London, where as the Order part takes place in the Old Bailey(Central Criminal Court in England) on Sundays.
Just like the regular Law and Order, where it says time, place and date

Bradley Walsh: Senior Sgt. Detective Ronnie Brooks
Jamie Bamber: Jr. Detective Sgt. Matt Devlin

Wow, he's cute! Maybe I should find me an English guy, :D

Paul Nicholls: Jr. Detective Sgt. Sam Casey

OMG, what a hunk! I need me a cute English guy, :D

Harriet Walter: Det. Inspector Natalie Chandler
Ben Daniels: Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steele
Dominic Rowan: Senior Crown Prosecutor Jacob Thorne
What are they putting in the water over there to make guys so sexy?
Freema Agyeman: Jr. Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips
Bill Patterson: Director of CPS London George Castle
Peter Davison: Dir. of CPS London Henry Sharpe
Pictures from the show

Thought a pic with the British flag in it would give it a lil London pride!

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