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Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted Florida


Captiva Island
-South Seas Resort: in room 51 of the employee housing, a baker died there and still haunts the room. Footsteps are heard, orbs are seen, a general presence is detected. At the north end of the resort at the King's Crown restaurant, there is a presence there too, this one being of the former manager who haunts the place. He supposedly plays the piano after hours and employees hear it and will go there to find no one.
Fort Pierce
-Battered Women's Shelter: there is a STRONG feeling of being watched, very creepy unsettling feeling when alone. Almost every night there are sounds of footsteps running up/down the stairs, phantom scratches on people, windows opening by themselves

-Ma Barker's Place: this was the home of legendary Ma Barker and her sons before their fatal shootout with the FBI and local cops. It's said that you can sometimes see Ma, and her house even with the origianl bullet holes

St. Augustine
-Old Jail: built at the turn of the century, built by a guy named Henry Flagler. The jail was across from his fine hotel and it was considered offensive. People who go on tours of this place hear shuffling feet, the horrible smell of unwashed bodies and sanitary facilities, cold spots, and shadow of a large man believed to be a sheriff named Perry, who was 6'5'' and a man in a funky plaid suit in main cell.

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