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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hot Men Monday-Mick Jagger

I was inspired by the Fashion Plate's blog post about hot guys that I thought every day I'd do a post of pics about a cute guy. Today, Monday, looks like we're going across the pond to England for Mick Jagger. IDK why, to me he's just very physically attractive. Please someone tell me if I'm nuts that I find this man to be sexy even at 68!!

I know I just did a post with info on him, but here it is in more detail :D. I also have another one like this, titled Mick Jagger.
Him then
Birth name: Michael Philip Jagger
DOB: July 26, 1943
Where: Dartford, Kent, England
Height: 5'10''
Genres: Rock, rock and roll, psychadelic rock, blues rock, R&B, funk, soul
Occupations: Singer-songwriter, musician, record/film producer, actor
Years Active: 1962-present
-Trademark: his lips, his dancing on stage
-Has fathered 7 children from 2 girlfriends and 2 marriages. Jerry Hall: Gabriel Luke Beaureguard Jagger, Elizabeth Scarlet Jagger, Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger, James Leroy Augustin Jagger. Bianca Jagger: Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger. Luciana Gimenez: Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger. Marsha A. Hunt: Karis Hunt Jagger
-The 1971 hit Brown Sugar was written expressively for then lover Marsha A. Hunt. It was written on an electric guitar by Mick while he was down in Australia for the filming of the movie Ned Kelly
-Has 2 grandkids: Amba and Assissi Jagger, children of his daughter Jade
Ned Kelly
Mick and Jerry Hall

Mick Jagger and Bianca Macias-Jagger
-Attended London School of Economics, but dropped out. Thus he has no actual musical education

-Considered to be one of the most influential frontmen in history of rock music
-In early 2009, he joined up with new rock band SuperHeavy
-He is best known as the fast paced front man for British rock band The Rolling Stones

-In 1985, he released his first solo album She's the Boss
-Started acting in 1970, with the first movie he acted in being Performance
-Dec. 12, 2003: Knighted by Prince Charles, much to the dismay of fellow Stones member Keith Richards
-Auditioned for the role of Alex in A Clockwork Orange. The character Alex was supposed to be a teen obsessed with rape and Beethoven

-Also auditioned for the role of Dr. Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
-Sang back up vocals on Carly Simon's You're So Vain. Jagger is more noticeable towards the end when his accent comes through.
-When he took his son Lucas to show him the Dartford Grammar School he attended, people mistakenly took him for an ex-member of The Beatles
-Grew up in a middle class family to Basil Fanshawe-Jagger, a British born teacher and his Australian wife Eva Ensley Mary Scutts, a hairdresser. So Mick is both half-Australian and half-British. Nice, best of both worlds, lol!!

-Has a brother, Chris Jagger, who's also a musician
-The American leg of the 1994 Voodoo Lounge tour was said to be The Rolling Stones' most financially successful tour in history.
-Voted 4th Sexiest Artist in music history in VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists. I can't imagine how this one happened, lol!
-Had 9 US #1 singles with The Stones: (I Can't Get No)Satisfaction(1965), Get Off My Cloud(1965), 19th Nervous Breakdown(1966), Paint It, Black(1966), Ruby Tuesday(1967), Honky Tonk Women(1969), Brown Sugar(1971),Angie(1973), Miss You(1978)

Brother Chris Jagger

-His father, Basil "Joe" Jagger died of pneumonia at age 93 on Nov. 11, 2006
-In the 2005 movie Stoned, Luke de Woolfson plays Jagger
-Big fan of The Beach Boys
-Lives in LA

-Brother in law of actress Cyndy Hall
-Speaks fluent French
-Frequent guest at Studio 54 club
-Has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine 20 times, beginning in 1968 and most recently in 2005

September 2005

-Had seriously thought about becoming either a politician or journalist
-During the 1970s, wore glittery makeup and glam-rock clothes on stage
-In 2011, had a song written about him, titled Moves Like Jagger, which was written and sang by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera




Moves Like Jagger-Maroon 5


Jagger has appeared in the following movies:
1968Sympathy for the Devil
1969Invocation of My Demon Brother
1970Gimme Shelter
Ned Kelly
1972Umano non umano
1978Wings of Ash (TV pilot for a dramatisation of the life of Antonin Artaud)
1978All You Need is Cash (Mockumentary)
1982Burden of Dreams
Let's Spend the Night Together
1987Running Out of Luck
1991At the Max
1999Mein liebster Feind (aka My Best Fiend)
2001Enigma (cameo only, plus co-producer)
The Man from Elysian Fields
Being Mick
2003Mayor of the Sunset Strip
2008Shine a Light

Freejack. Played a futuristic mercenary named Victor Vacendak. This movie is a little weird, but I like it.

The Man from Elysian Fields. Plays Luther Fox, the owner of a male escort service

Bent. Plays cross dressing entertainer named Greta in 1930s Berlin
Ned Kelly. Plays the title character of the famous Irish-Australian outlaw

Performance. Plays womanizing ex-rock star named Turner

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