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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cover Songs

Did you ever happen to notice that over the years many musicians have done cover versions of songs made by other musicians? Sometimes the cover versions end up being better than the original version. Well, here are some cover songs and the artists that do them.

Every Day People
-Original: Sly and the Family Stone
-Cover: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Dancing in the Street. This is one of the most covered songs
-Original: Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
-Covers: Mick Jagger and David Bowie, Mya, The Mamas and the Papas

Pretty Woman
-Original: Roy Orbison
-Cover: Van Halen

Careless Whisper
-Original: George Michael
-Cover: Seether

Light My Fire
-Original: The Doors
-Cover: Jose Feliciano

Unchained Melody
-Original: Todd Duncan, sung vocals for the movie Unchained
-Cover: The Righteous Brothers. This is the most known version of it.

Come Together
-Original: The Beatles
-Cover: Aerosmith

Just My Imagination(Running Away with Me)
Original: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
-Cover: The Rolling Stones

Young Hearts Run Free
-Original: Candi Stanton
-Covers: Nat King Cole, Elton John, Nirvana, KISS, Thelma Houston, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, T. Rex, David Bowie, Queen, The Police

With A Little Help from My Friends
-Original: The Beatles
-Cover: Joe Cocker

(I Can't Get No)Satisfaction
-Original: The Rolling Stones
-Cover: Devo

Sweet Dreams(Are Made of This)
-Original: Eurythmics
-Cover: Marilyn Manson

Dancing Queen
-Original: ABBA
-Cover: U2

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
-Original: The Clash
-Cover: Kylie Minogue

Live and Let Die
-Original: Paul McCartney
-Cover: Guns N Roses

Bad Reputation
-Original: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
-Cover: Avril Lavigne

Walk This Way
-Original: Aerosmith
-Cover: Run-DMC

Lady Marmalade
-Original: Labelle
-Covers: Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, Lil Kim

Where the Streets Have No Name:
-Original: U2
-Cover: The Pet Shop Boys

Stand By Me
-Original: Ben E. King
-Cover: John Lennon

Indian Outlaw
-Original: Paul Revere and the Raiders
-Cover: Tim McGraw

Turn the Beat Around
-Original: Vicki Sue Robinson
-Cover: Gloria Estefan

Here are some of the artists who have had their songs covered by other artists:

-The Rolling Stones

-The Beatles


-The Clash

-Pink Floyd

-Bruce Springsteen
-Michael Jackson


-Black Sabbath

-Joy Division
-Guns N Roses
-New Order
-Judas Priest
-Iron Maiden
-Faith No More
-Tom Waits
-Oingo Boingo
-Bob Marley
-The Bee Gees
-Fleetwood Mac
-Shania Twain
-The Grateful Dead
-Kate Bush
-Bob Dylan
-Johnny Cash
-Deep Purple
-Lynyrd Skynyrd
-Dolly Parton
-Marvin Gaye
-The Carpenters
-Depeche Mode
-Nine Inch Nails
-Duran Duran
-Elton John
-The Smashing Pumpkins
-Alice Cooper
-ZZ Top
-Van Morrison
-Carole King
-The Kinks
-Jimi Hendrix
-Sick of It All

-The Ramones

-Daniel Johnston
-Loretta Lynn
-Ronnie James Dio
-The Finn Brothers
-Cyndi Lauper
-Mick Jagger
-Jeff Beck
-Harry Chapin
-Bruce Cockburn
-Harry Nilsson
-Gordon Lightfoot

-David Bowie
-Britney Spears
-Gary Numan

-The Misfits

-Led Zeppelin
-Def Leppard

-Snoop Dogg
-Kanye West
-Aretha Franklin

The Kidz Bop series of CDs have made cover versions of songs, with them singing and sometimes the artists who wrote the songs helping out. (i.e. Here Comes the Sun, George Harrison helping out on on the Kidz Bop CDs)

Kidz Bop
-Track Listing

  1. All Star
  2. Oops... I Did It Again
  3. Bye Bye Bye
  4. All the Small Things
  5. What a Girl Wants
  6. I Want It That Way
  7. Bailamos
  8. My Love is Your Lvoe
  9. That Don't Impress Me Much
  10. Livin La Vida Loca
  11. Believe
  12. Steal my Sunshine
  13. Blue
  14. Summer Girls
  15. One Week
  16. Angel of Mine
  17. Fly
  18. Kiss Me

Kidz Bop 2
-Track Listing

  1. Kryptonite
  2. Get the Party Started
  3. Survivor
  4. Hanging by a Moment
  5. U Remind Me
  6. Turn off the Light
  7. I'm Real
  8. Can't Get You Out of My Head
  9. Follow Me
  10. Try Again
  11. I'm a Believer
  12. Hero
  13. Everywhere
  14. It's Gonna Be Me
  15. Crazy for This Girl
  16. Come On Over Baby
  17. Fallin
  18. He Loves U Not

Kidz Bop 3
-Track Listing

  1. Soak Up the Sun
  2. Hey Baby
  3. Complicated
  4. U Don't Have to Call
  5. All You Wanted
  6. Dilemma
  7. Alive
  8. Don't Let Me Get Me
  9. Family Affair
  10. Whenever, Wherever
  11. Happy
  12. Wherever You Will Go
  13. Girlfriend
  14. A Thousand Miles
  15. Hero
  16. Just a Friend
  17. Wasting My Time
  18. A Moment Like This

Kidz Bop 4
-Track Listing

  1. Sk8er Boi
  2. Jenny from the Block
  3. Miss Independent
  4. Bring Me to Life
  5. Beautiful
  6. The Anthem
  7. The Game of Love
  8. Underneath It All
  9. When I'm Gone
  10. I'm Gonna Getcha Good
  11. Cry Me a River
  12. No Letting Go
  13. Inituition
  14. Move Like This
  15. Angel
  16. I'd Do Anything
  17. The Ketchup Song
  18. The Middle

Kidz Bop 5
-Track Listing

  1. Crazy in Love
  2. Hey Ya!
  3. Are You Happy Now?
  4. Invisible
  5. It's My Life
  6. Here Without You
  7. Girls & Boys
  8. So Yesterday
  9. Why Don't You and I
  10. Someday
  11. (There's Gotta Be) More to Life
  12. Senorita
  13. Never Leave You
  14. Headstrong
  15. Low
  16. Me Against the Music
  17. Perfect
  18. Cinderella
  19. Something More

Kidz Bop 6
-Track Listing

  1. With You
  2. This Love
  3. Come Clean
  4. Are You Gonna Be My Girl
  5. The Reason
  6. You Don't Know My Name
  7. Toxic
  8. My Immortal
  9. Me, Myself, and I
  10. Hold On
  11. The First Cut is the Deepest
  12. Ocean Avenue
  13. Burn
  14. Meant to Live
  15. I'm Still in Love with You
  16. Beautiful
  17. All Star
  18. Sk8er Boi

Kidz Bop 7
-Track Listing

  1. Pieces of Me
  2. Let's Get It Started
  3. Breakaway
  4. My Happy Ending
  5. (Get Out)
  6. On the Way Down
  7. She Will Be Loved
  8. Lose My Breath
  9. Accidentally in Love
  10. Heaven
  11. Dare You to Move
  12. If I Ain't Got You
  13. 1985
  14. One Thing
  15. Float On
  16. Beautiful Soul
  17. Welcome to My Life
  18. My Boo
  19. Take My Breath Away

Kidz Bop 8
-Track Listing

  1. Since U Been Gone
  2. I Don't Want to Be
  3. Obsession
  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  5. Caught Up
  6. Rich Girl
  7. Let Me Love You
  8. Vertigo
  9. 1, 2 Step
  10. Lonely No More
  11. OVer and Over
  12. Nobody's Home
  13. Incomplete
  14. 1 Thing
  15. True
  16. Let Me Go
  17. Karma
  18. Take Me Out

Kidz Bop 9
-Track Listing

  1. Behind These Hazel Eyes
  2. Beverly Hills
  3. Don't Lie
  4. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  5. Just the Girl
  6. Pon de Replay
  7. Photograph
  8. Cool
  9. These Words
  10. You and Me
  11. Feel Good Inc
  12. Chariot
  13. Boyfriend
  14. Speed of Sound
  15. We Belong Together
  16. Wake Up
  17. Axel F
  18. Listen to Your Heart

Kidz Bop 10
-Track Listing

  1. SOS
  2. Bad Day
  3. Move Along
  4. Because of You
  5. Savin Me
  6. Unwritten
  7. Be Without You
  8. L.O.V.E.
  9. You're Beautiful
  10. Pump It
  11. Where'd You Go
  12. For You
  13. Hung Up
  14. What's Left of Me
  15. Girl Next Door
  16. Stickwithu
  17. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  18. Don't Forget About Us

Kidz Bop 11
-Track Listing

  1. Walk Away
  2. My Love
  3. Crazy
  4. Over My Head
  5. Too Little Too Late
  6. Far Away
  7. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
  8. Chasing Cars
  9. Hanging On
  10. Irreplaceable
  11. What Hurts the Most
  12. A Public Affair
  13. Waiting on the World to Change
  14. Come Back to Me
  15. It Ends Tonight
  16. Put Your Records On
  17. Lips of an Angel
  18. Rush
  19. Chicken Noodle Soup

Kidz Bop 12
-Track Listing

  1. Girlfriend
  2. The Sweet Escape
  3. It's Not Over
  4. Say It Right
  5. Never Again
  6. What Goes Around
  7. Umbrella
  8. Cupid's Chokehold
  9. Glamorous
  10. If Everyone Cared
  11. Beautiful Liar
  12. How to Save a Life
  13. Makes Me Wonder
  14. Don't Matter
  15. Boston
  16. With Love
  17. Ice Box
  18. Home

Kidz Bop 13
-Track Listing

  1. Party Like a Rockstar
  2. Who Knew
  3. Big Girls Don't Cry
  4. The Great Escape
  5. Beautiful Girls
  6. When You're Gone
  7. Hey There Delilah
  8. I Don't Want to be in Love
  9. Apologize
  10. Over You
  11. Wait for You
  12. Me Love
  13. First Time
  14. No One
  15. Bubbly
  16. SOS
  17. Hate That I Love You
  18. Tattoo
  19. 1234
  20. How Far We've Come

Kidz Bop 14
-Track Listing

  1. Don't Stop the Music
  2. Love Song
  3. Feels Like Tonight
  4. See You Again
  5. Clumsy
  6. Stop and Stare
  7. Bleeding Love
  8. 4 Minutes
  9. When You Look Me in the Eyes
  10. Pocketful of Sunshine
  11. No Air
  12. Teardrops on My Guitar
  13. Damaged
  14. Sorry
  15. Superstar
  16. It's Not My Time
  17. With You
  18. Take You There
  19. Say

Kidz Bop 15
-Track Listing

  1. So What
  2. Let It Rock
  3. When I Grow Up
  4. American Boy
  5. Forever
  6. Hot N Cold
  7. Disturbia
  8. Burnin Up
  9. I'm Yours
  10. One Step at a Time
  11. 7 Things
  12. Better in Time
  13. What About Now
  14. Love Story
  15. Crush
  16. Gotta Be Somebody
  17. Take a Bow
  18. Tell Me Something
  19. This is Me

Kidz Bop 16
-Track Listing

  1. Boom Boom Pow
  2. Circus
  3. Fire Burning
  4. The Climb
  5. How Do You Sleep
  6. If I Were a Boy
  7. You Found Me
  8. I Hate This Part
  9. Heartless
  10. If Today was Your Last Day
  11. Live Your Life
  12. Please Don't Leave Me
  13. Second Chance
  14. Hoedown Throwdown
  15. Candle
  16. That's Not My Name
  17. 1234
  18. Halo
  19. Goodbye
  20. LOL

Kidz Bop 17
-Track Listing

  1. Party in the USA
  2. I Gotta Feeling
  3. Paparazzi
  4. You Belong with Me
  5. Knock You Down
  6. Fireflies
  7. Battlefield
  8. Use Somebody
  9. Already Gone
  10. One Time
  11. Say Hey
  12. Sweet Dreams
  13. Never Say Never
  14. Meet Me Halfway
  15. Replay
  16. Sounds Like a Hit
  17. Shine On

Kidz Bop 18
-Track Listing

  1. Telephone
  2. Baby
  3. California Gurls
  4. Hey, Soul Sister
  5. Do You Remember
  6. Naturally
  7. Whataya Want from Me
  8. Nothin on You
  9. Break Your Heart
  10. All the Right Moves
  11. Two is Better Than One
  12. Evacuate the Dance Floor
  13. Billionaire
  14. Alejandro
  15. Breakeven
  16. Single Ladies

Kidz Bop 19
-Track Listing

  1. Firework
  2. DJ Got Us Fallin in Love
  3. Just the Way You Are
  4. Cooler than Me
  5. Club Can't Handle Me
  6. Bulletproof
  7. Animal
  8. Just a Dream
  9. Magic
  10. Mine
  11. Please Don't Go
  12. The Time
  13. The Only Exception
  14. Somebody to Love
  15. If I Had You
  16. Impossible
  17. Born Free

Kidz Bop 20
-Track Listing

  1. Born This Way
  2. Till the World Ends
  3. Forget You
  4. Price Tag
  5. Written in the Stars
  6. On the Floor
  7. The Lazy Song
  8. Perfect
  9. Tonight Tonight
  10. More
  11. The Story of Us
  12. Rocketeer
  13. Who Says
  14. Never Say Never
  15. Whip My Hair
  16. Rolling in the Deep

Kidz Bop 80s Gold
-Track Listing

  1. Mickey
  2. Footloose
  3. Karma Chameleon
  4. Funkytown
  5. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
  6. Holiday
  7. We're Not Gonna Take It
  8. Kokomo
  9. I Want Candy
  10. Our House
  11. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  12. Livin on a Prayer
  13. Vacation
  14. Kids in America

Kidz Bop Sings The Beatles
-Track Listing

  1. Can't Buy Love
  2. Here Comes the Sun
  3. All You Need is Love
  4. I Want to Hold Your Hand
  5. A Hard Day's Night
  6. Hey Jude
  7. Octopus's Garden
  8. Hello Goodbye
  9. Blackbird
  10. We Can Work It Out
  11. Birthday
  12. Let It Be

Kidz Bop Country
-Track Listing

  1. Life is a Highway
  2. Baby Girl
  3. Living in Fast Forward
  4. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  5. Better Life
  6. The Lucky One
  7. What Hurts the Most
  8. Why
  9. The World
  10. Mr. Mom
  11. Suds in the Bucket
  12. Jesus, Take the Wheel
  13. Leave the Pieces
  14. Something's Gotta Give

Los Kidz Bop. Features music from Spanish artists
-Track Listing

  1. Livin La Vida Loca
  2. Whenever, Wherever
  3. Bailamos
  4. Waiting for Tonight
  5. A Dios le Pido
  6. Come on Over Baby
  7. Dimelo (I Need to Know)
  8. I Could Fall in Love
  9. Baila Baila
  10. The Ketchup Song
  11. If I Could Go
  12. Heaven
  13. Sera Que No Me Amas
  14. I Like It Like That
  15. I Want You
  16. Don't Wanna
  17. Si Tu Te Vas
  18. Angel
  19. Ave Maria
  20. Nobody Wants to be Lonely

Kidz Bop Gold
-Track Listing

  1. Here Comes the Sun. On this one, George Harrison helps out.
  2. Dancing in the Street
  3. How Sweet It Is(To Be Loved by You)
  4. I'll Be There
  5. Happy Together
  6. The 59th Street Bridge Song(Feelin Groovy)
  7. You've Got a Friend
  8. Hooked on a Feeling
  9. You are the Sunshine of My Life
  10. Teach Your Children
  11. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
  12. Good Morning Starshine
  13. Stand By Me

More Kidz Bop Gold
-Track Listing

  1. Walking on Sunshine
  2. Sugar, Sugar
  3. Don't Worry, Be Happy
  4. Celebration
  5. Jump
  6. We Got the Beat
  7. I Think I Love You
  8. ABC
  9. Walk Like an Egyptian
  10. Put A Little Love in Your Heart
  11. I'm a Believer
  12. Lean on Me
  13. We Are Family
  14. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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