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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

British Media Stereotypes

Seriously, how can people think like this? Well if anyone who reads this is British or English or whatever you would prefer, you can rest easy knowing I don't think like this. I mean, honestly, how can I? I'm a huge Stones fan, Def Leppard is becoming yet another fave band and as for Top Gear--AWESOME! And, for the sake of laughing, I'm probably the only girl to look at Mick Jagger and scream bloody murder that he's cute!

When it comes to media, British people will be shown as being upper class, prudish, snobbish, having big, bad or yellow teeth or having proper manners.

In American films, the villains always seem to strangely possess an English accent, even if the movie's content is NOWHERE even near the UK. An example would be the Imperial Officers in Star Wars. But they never show good guys with English accents, like C3PO from Star Wars, Obi Wan Kenobi.

Also people frmo England will be shown as people with upper class accents, such as Hugh Grant, and also being gay, especially British men.

But no one stops and thinks about some of the people in our world, like David Beckham, who's a soccer player, musicians like The Beatles, actresses like Maggie Smith,etc.

Also British characters in movies end up being butlers or gentlemen

Disney movies are somewhat notorious for the 'Bad Brit' stereotype. The villains almost always end up possessing an English accent, and sometimes it's not Disney movies. Here are some examples:
  • Judge Frollo(Hunchback of Notre Dame): voiced by Tony Jay, a white British actor, even though the character is supposed to be French
  • Jafar(Aladdin)
  • Professor Ratigan(The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Maleficent(Sleeping Beauty)
  • Lady Tremaine(Cinderella)
  • Scar(The Lion King). Supposed to take place in Africa, but the character is voiced by Jeremy Irons, a white British actor
  • Mrs. Trunchbull(Matilda)
  • Count Olaf(A Series of Unfortunate Events)

Famous English people, alot huh?, lol:

The Rolling Stones
L-R: Ronnie Wood[insert little hearts, lol], Keith Richards, Mick Jagger[insert little hearts, lol], Charlie Watts
Def Leppard
Judas Priest
Richard Hammond, James May, Jeremy Clarkson

L-R: Richard Hammond: HOTTIE, Jeremy Clarkson, James May
Zoe Wanamaker

From the episode of My Family where Nick is trying to move back in

Colin Firth

He's kind of cute in an English gentleman sort of way

Kate Winslet

One of my fave actresses

Helena Bonham-Carter
Daniel Radcliffe
Rupert Grint
Slowly beginning to find him attractive

Emma Watson
Naveen Andrews
Gary Oldman
Ravi Kapoor
Reshma Shetty
Rowan Atkinson
Hugh Laurie
Cilla Black
Dusty Springfield
Petula Clark
Michael Caine
Helen Mirren
Natasha Richardson
Maggie Smith
Jason Statham
Orlando Bloom
Parminder Nagra
Marianne Faithful

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