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Monday, October 17, 2011

Italian Stereotypes

This really ticks me off, considering my stepdad is Italian, this especially ticks me off. Who the hell has the right to say this kind fo stuff about Italians?

Some of the most common stereotypes against Italians include:
  • Tolerant of violence
  • Ignorance
  • Labor bosses
  • Organized crime association
  • Political corruption
Other stereotypes include:
  • Italians as working class thugs
  • Violent immigrants or Mafiosi 
Some of the stereotypical Italian-held jobs include:
  • Construction workers
  • Chefs
  • Peddlers
  • Plumbers
  • Any working class job
Other stereotypes include:
  • Overly emotional, overly dramatic
  • Superstitious
  • Hot Blooded
  • Aggressive
  • Obsessed with food
  • Prone to vengeance
  • Males will be shown as being 'Italian Stallions'- big and muscular, good looking, real chick magnets
  • Men will be sexually well endowed, but lack skills in the bedroom
  • Claim to be 'cousins' with someone
  • Claim to have someone powerful/wealthy looking out for them
  • All talk and no bite
  • Loud tastes in clothing, suits, etc
  • Braggers
  • Loud! And not knowing when to shut up
  • Expensive jewelry made cheaply
  • Has the name Michael, Joe, Sal, Tony
  • Good at seducing women
  • Supposedly making for cruel and demanding bosses
Italian women have been stereotyped as being:
  • Overly matriarchal old women
  • Overly flirtatious, young, exotic women with a taste for all things Italian(i.e. Prada, Gucci, Armani)
  • Wise cracking, air headed, big haired girlfriend of Mafia soldier

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