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Thursday, November 8, 2012

102 Dalmatians

102 Dalmatians
-After a period of therapy in prison, Cruella DeVil is a renewed person. She now loves dogs and is devoted to care and love for dogs. She learns that Chloe, her parole officer, has a Dalmatian family and connections to a local dog charity. But when Big Ben starts tolling, Cruella finds it difficult to control herself. She starts turning back to her evil self and starts wanting her Dalmatian puppy coat again

-Glenn Close: Cruella DeVil
-Gerard Depardieu: Jean-Pierre Le Pelt
-Ioan Gruffudd: Kevin Sheperd
-Alice Evans: Chloe Simon
-Tim McInnerny: Alonzo
-Eric Idle: Waddlesworth
-Ben Crompton: Ewan
-Carol MacReady: Agnes
-Ian Richardson: Mr. Torte
-Jim Carter: Det. Armstrong
-Ron Cook: Mr. Button
-David Horovitch: Dr. Pavlov

Did You Know?
-Cruella DeVil's prisoner number is 666-0
-There is no such thing as a completely white Dalmatian. Each spot on "Oddball" had to be removed digitally.
-The doctor taking care of Cruella in the prison is named "Dr. Pavlov". He is based on the real doctor who is world famous for his study with dogs. In the movie, her "cure" is reversed when Big Ben tolls the bell
-Each puppy got to act for 2 weeks before getting replaced with a younger pup because they grew so fast
-Cruella's license plate changes in here. In 101 Dalmatians, it was DEV IL. In the previous movie, it was DE VIL. DEV 1L is a legal registration number for license plates in the UK.

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