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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hot Man Tuesday: Gavin Rossdale

Just saw an episode of Criminal Minds with him on it and he has a cute accent!!!!
Gavin Rossdale
Birth name: Gavin McGregor Rossdale
DOB: Oct. 30, 1965
Where: Kilburn, London, England. That just figures! Almost every guy that I see on TV that I think is cute is... English!!! Is this a sign or an omen or what?
Height: 6'1''
Nickname: Mr. Stefani

-Was engaged to singer/actress Gwen Stefani, who was the lead singer of the band No Doubt

-Half Scottish. Oooh, sexy!!
-Ranked #79 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.

-Father's family came from Russia in 1867, and name was originally Rosentar
-Natural hair color is red

-Appeared on an episode of Criminal Minds called "The Performer", playing a rock star named Paul Davies.which was about a series of murders closely following a rock star's tour schedule.

Known for:
-Mostly did the music for movies. Sang "Hush" for Ghosts of Girlfriends Pasts

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