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Monday, November 19, 2012

Best Kiss Album Covers

-Sonic Boom: 2009
-Artist Michael Doret put the faces of the members on a speakerbox to give the illusion that they are about to blow the eardrums out of any listener, thus the name Sonic Boom

-Creatures of the Night: 1982
-This album introduced Eric Carr. The cover featured them in makeup with a shocking blue veil over their faces, to give them a shocking blue pallor.

-Kiss: 1974
-This was when they were just now getting settled into their makeup phase

-Love Gun: 1977
-On the front of this album, it shows each member riupped with muscles from head to toe. They couldn't look any better or be in any better shape, like they are in their prime

-Dressed to Kill: 1975
-This cover has them in makeup and suits to almost mock corporate America.

-Lick It Up: 1980s
-The cover of this single helped to re-establish the band in mainstream rock. This shocked alot of people when they did their first non-makeup song

-Hotter Than Hell: 1970s
-Photographed by Norman Seeff and designer John Van Hamersveld. Designed with a Japanese motif to match the band's Kabuki-like makeup

-Destroyer: 1976
-Needed to represent the massive success for the band. Was a painting by Ken Kelly

-Rock and Roll Over: 1976
-Designed by an artist named Michael Doret. The 4 "elements" of Earth featured to match the personas of each member

-They posed for the photo at an empty arena following their Detroit concert

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