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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gabriel Iglesias: Best Comedian EVER!!!!!

The great thing about this guy is he don't cuss. What makes his stand up funny is he'll go back and forth between Spanish and English and it's hilarious because yo hablar espanol. And plus, the facial expressions alone are funny!

Gabriel Iglesias
Birth name: Gabriel J. Iglecias
DOB: July 15, 1976
Where: San Diego, California
Height: 5'10''

-Stand up comedian, actor
-Known for his shows I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy, Hot & Fluffy
-In his standup acts, he includes storytelling, sound effects, voice imitations, and references to his weight and fondness of Hawaiian shirts.

Early Life
-American born, but of Mexican descent
-Mother placed a letter "c" in his name as a form of retaliation against his father for not being in the picture
-Spent most of his life growing up in Long Beach, California

-Worked for a cell phone company in Los Angeles
-Was insistent on trying comedy
-When he left the phone company, he was evicted from his home and lost his car
-He often makes humorous references to his weight, saying that he's "not fat, I'm fluffy".
-Known for his "Five Levels of Fatness". In 2009, added a new one, #6: "Oh, Hell no!"
-He imitates voices, sound effects, etc

Personal Life
-Lives with his girlfriend and stepson in Whittier, California

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