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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

As Good As It Gets

As Good As It Gets

-Melvin Udall is a cranky, opinionated OCD writer living in New York who finds that life has somehow changed for him. His neighbor Simon Bishop is a gay artist with a small dog named Verdell. One day, when he has a local guy come to pose for an art piece, the guy vandalizes Simon's house with another guy and they beat him so severely he is hospitalized. While he in recovering, Melvin is asked to take care of Verdell.

-At first, he does not like the dog, but soon he begins to like the little dog, and the dog even begins to act like him, stepping over cracks and such. Also added to his life is his waitress friend Carol Connelly, whose son is sick with a rare form of asthma. He decides to get the three of them out of the city for a weekend trip that proves to be good for all of them

-Jack Nicholson: Melvin Udall
-Greg Kinnear: Simon Bishop
-Helen Hunt: Carol Connelly
-Cuba Gooding Jr.: Frank Sachs
-Skeet Ulrich: Vincent
-Shirley Knight: Beverly Connelly
-Yeardley Smith: Jackie
-Lupe Ontiveros: Nora
-Jill the Dog: Verdell

Did You Know?
-Yeardley Smith, who plays Jackie Simpson, is best known for her voice as middle child Lisa Simpson
-The couple that Melvin insults at the restaraunt, Peter Jacobson and Lisa Edelstein, will later go on to star on the TV show House M.D.

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