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Friday, November 16, 2012

Bill Cosby: Another One of My Favorite Comedians

The reason I think he is such a funny comedian is because he is. He does not cuss, or say anything bad. He talks about stuff in real life that has actually happened to people. He talks about stuff that happened to him that's probably happened to dozens of others. And the way he talks about it, it's funny. He's one of my favorites because he is just funny and also a good actor on TV

Bill Cosby
Birth Name: William Henry Cosby
DOB: July 12, 1937
Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nickname: The Cos
Height: 6'1''
-For over 30 years, he is considered to be one of the most respected and well-known comedians
-After 10th grade, he joined the Navy and finished high school through a correspondence course

-His stand up stories include stories about fatherhood and his childhood
-His only onstage prop is a chair

-In January 1997, the National Enquirer offered a $100,000 reward for the capture of the killer of Bill Cosby's son Ennis
-His son, Ennis Cosby, was shot dead while changing a flat tire on the side of the San Diego Freeway on Jan. 16, 1997. He was only 27
-Insisted that The Cosby Show be filmed in New York in 1984. He hated working in Hollywood
-He is the first black performer to win an Emmy for the tv show I Spy in 1965
-Oldest of 4 kids
-Many parts of The Cosby Show are derived from his real life family. For example, Phylicia Rashad, who plays Claire Huxtable, her maiden name was Hanks, which is his real life wife Camille O. Cosby's maiden name. Also, on the show, the Huxtables had 4 kids, 3 daughters and 1 son
-On The Simpsons, the character Dr. Julius Hibbert is based on him

-He is like comedian Bob Newhart; he can be funny without having to swear
-All of his kids' names start with E for excellence
-Has a Doctorate in Education
-His best known role is as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show

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