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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Singers Who Can Act

This is cool!!
Singers who can act

1. Steven Van Zandt
-The Sopranos: Silvio Dante

2. Mos Def
-The Italian Job: Left Ear
-16 Blocks: Eddie Bunker
-Monster's Ball: Ryrus Cooper

3. Will Smith
-Men in Black: Agent J
-I, Robot: Del Spooner
-I Am Legend: Robert Neville
-Shark Tale: Oscar
-The Pursuit of Happiness: Chris Gardner
-Bad Boys I & II: Det. Mike Lowrey
-Independence Day: Capt. Steven Hiller

4. Ice-T
-Law and Order: SVU: Det. Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola
-Gears of War 3: Voice of Griffin
-Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Madd Dogg
-New Jack City: Scotty Appleton
5. Queen Latifah
-The Secret Life of Bees: August Boatwright
-Chicago: Matron Mama Morton
-Steel Magnolias: M'Lynn
-Ice Age, Ice Age 2 & 3: Ellie
-Joyful Noise: Vi Rose Hill
-What Happens in Vegas: Dr. Twitchell
-Mad Money: Nina Brewster
-Hairspray: Motormouth Maybelle
-Last Holiday: Georgia Byrd
-Beauty Shop: Gina Norris
-Taxi: Isabelle 'Belle' Williams
-Bringing Down the House: Charlene Morton
-The Country Bears: Cha-Cha
-Barbershop 2: Back in Business: Gina
-The Bone Collector: Thelma
-Jungle Fever: Lashawn

6. Madonna
-Absolutely Fabulous: Death
-Evita: Title role

7. Jennifer Lopez
-Ice Age series: Shira
-Out of Sight: Karen Sisco
-The Back-Up Plan: Zoe
-Selena: Selena Quintanilla
-The Wedding Planner: Mary Fiore
-Maid in Manhattan: Marisa Ventura

8. Harry Connick Jr.
-Dolphin Tale: Dr. Clay Haskett
-P.S. I Love You: Daniel
-Independence Day. Capt. Jimmy Wilder

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