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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another New Cop Show I Like: Castle

It's both funny and serious!!

-Nathan Fillion: Richard Castle
-Stana Katic: Kate Beckett
-Jon Huertas: Javier Esposito
-Seamus Dever: Kevin Ryan
-Susan Sullivan: Martha Rodgers
-Molly C. Quinn: Alexis Castle
-Tamala Jones: Lanie Parish
-Ruben Santiago-Hudson: Capt. Roy Montgomery
-Penny Johnson: Capt. Victoria Gates

-When a serial killer begins imitating the gruesome muders created in his novels, writer Richard Castle gets permission from the Mayor of New York City to hang around with an NYPD homicide investigation team for purposes of research.

-When he first starts, he immediately befriends the male members of the team, but immediately begins to annoy the team leader, Det. Kate Beckett. Though it never directly gets mentioned, she slowly but surely begins to warm up to Castle's unique method of crime solving. He has skills that not alot of people have: unique, free thinking creative thinking and after years of writing crime novels, he knows a thing or two about criminal profiling.

-His relationship with Beckett comes under fire when she finds out that his novels reveal a new character, a racy character named Nikki Heat, who is prostitute by day and cop by night. And his home life is unique, just like his stories. His home life is ruled by his once upon a time actress who is more diva than actress Martha and his smart as a whip daughter Alexis

Did You Know?
-In the stories that Rick Castle writes, the character Nikki Heat is based on Det. Kate Beckett. In the stories, he writes about Det. Nikki heat being shadowed by a writer named Jameson Rook.
-Richard Castle's apartment is the same set used for Mick's apartment on the shortlived supernatural drama Moonlight
-Det. Beckett is often seen drinking from a coffee mug that says "Innocent bystander"

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