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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Garden of Good and Evil
-Taking place in Savannah, Georgia, it tells of the strangeness of some of it's inhabitants. Thereis a trial taking place, and the victim is Jim Williams, a self mande man, art collector, antiques dealer and closet homosexual. John Kelso is a reporter for a magazine sent on assignment to cover the trial. He attends one of Williams' world famous Christmas parties. While there, he meets Williams young, violent, but sexy lover Billy.

-Later on, Billy is found dead and Kelso stays to cover this investigation. Along the way, he meets a comedienne drag queen named Lady Chablis, Williams's lawyer Sonny Seiler. He has his hands full of things when it comes to the investigation of the latest murder

-John Cusack: John Kelso
-Kevi Spacey: Jim Williams
-Jack Thompson: Sonny Seiler
-Irma P. Hall: Minerva
-Jude Law: Billy Hanson
-Alison Eastwood: Mandy Nicholls
-Paul Hipp: Joe Odom
-Lady Chablis: Chablis Deveau

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