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Monday, November 5, 2012

My "Fantasy" Husbands

My sister is really rubbing off on me. Anyone who reads this will probably laugh as they read it, seeing that most of these guys are of the same nationality, from the same country, lol!!!

If I could, I would love to marry any one of these guys. At least if some of them were my age...


-Ronnie Wood (If he were my age). But I think he's still handsome, even with the wrinkles. He don't look bad

-Tim McGraw

-Joe Perry (If he were my age)

-Paul Stanley (If he were my age)

-Jamie Bamber
-Dominic Rowan
IDK what they're putting in the water in England to make sexy guys, but man, they need to keep doing it!! English guys are so hot!!!!!!
-Paul Nicholls

I have yet to see him on Law and Order: UK. But I will soon. I have an episode DVR'ed with him on it. I love his young looking face!!
-Hugh Jackman

-Michael Imperioli (If he were my age)

-Will Yun Lee

There is something strangely cute about a cute Asian guy with messy hair

-Jim Sturgess

Whatever England is doing to make sexy guys, they need to keep doing it!!!

-Hiroyuki Sanada

-Ken Watanabe (If he were my age). But he's still cute!!

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