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Friday, November 9, 2012

Legends of Rock

Let's see if any of our favorite rock legends have things about them that are a myth or true!!!!

10. Gene Simmons 'Cow' Tongue
-It's said that Kiss will do anything for attention. It's also said that Gene Simmons has often joked about the sexual advantages of having a tongue longer than Rodeo Drive. The legend is that he had a cow's tongue grafted on to his to add length to it
-Verdict: False

9. Keith Richard's Blood Transfusion
-If you've ever read anything about the Rolling Stones, then you'll know that Keith Richards has tried virtually every drug in the book and somehow managed to still survive. It's a rumor that while in on tour in 1973, he was so desperate to get off heroin that he went to a clinic in Switzerland to get a blood transfusion with heroin-free blood. But he has denied this, as he simply wanted the questions about the drugs to go away. It was more likely that he underwent hemodialysis, to filter the bad stuff out his system
-Verdict: True and False

8. Stevie Nicks taking drugs rectally
-She has openly admitted her prior drug use. But an annoyingly persistent rumor has it that in order to get a bigger tolerance for coke was to take it rectally
-Verdict: False

7. Mick Jagger eating a suggestively placed Mars Bar
In 1967, when Keith Richards' Redlands home was swarmed by London police for rampant drug use, they found Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull in the living room. She was wrapped in only a sheet. But a legend says that Mick was eating a Mars bars in her vagina when the police interrupted. She later denied this in her autbiography, calling it "a dirty old man's fantasy". It may have originated from an ad for the candy, saying that Mars Bars are the candy that "fills the gap"
-Verdict: False

Mick Jagger may be a sex crazed nut, but I don't think he'd ever do something like this

6. Kiss makes a bloody comic book, literally!
-Kiss, known for their drug use and sexual exploits, gave some of their blood to be used along with the ink pens to draw the comic book images
-Verdict: True!

5. Frank Zappa wins a strange contest
-Some say that he went beyond the call of duty in gross out gags. In on onstage gross out contest, some say Captain Beefheart and others say Alice Cooper, it was said that Zappa's opponent left fecal matter on the stage and he ate it! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He says the closest he came to eating s--- was at a Holiday Inn buffett in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 1973
-Verdict: False.

Wow, coming from the same warped mind that brought you a child named Moon Unit

4. Rod Stewart gets stomach pumped.
-It's a rumor started by an angry assistant that he fired, that he was rushed to the hospital and got his stomach pumped, after ingesting semen. He denies it, saying that he never did anything like that
-Verdict: False

3. Keith Richards snorting dad's ashes
-2007: Keith Richards told New Musical Express that he claimed to have mixed his dad's ashes with cocaine and snort them. There was dust left from the ashes that he simply snorted
-Verdict: True!

2. Led Zeppelin and a Shark?
-While in Seattle during their fist U.S. tour, Led Zeppelin was involved, along with members of Vanilla Fudge, in using a shark or red snapper to have sexual intercourse with a young groupie
-Verdict: True!

1. Ozzy Beheads Bat
-In Jan. 1982, Ozzy found fame fast in Des Moines, Iowa. While this was at the high time of his drug abuse, Osbourne was singing when a live bat was tossed onstage during the song. He thought it was a rubber gag bat, tossed on stage as part of a stunt. But when he bit the head off, it started bleeding, realizing it was not a fake bat. Although this is coming from a rock star who has done all kinds of crazy things, like urinating on the Alamo, snorting a line of moving ants, and biting the head off a dove.
-Verdict: True!

Do you know how hard it is to find just one "normal" picture of him? I was trying to find a handsome image of him. Hopefully this is a good image of him. He looks good here

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