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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is It My Imagination or Is Reality TV Taking Over the TV?

I've noticed that over the years, more and more reality shows have begun appearing on TV. And in the last few years, another one was added: Jersey Shore, which depicts the life and times of 8-10 New Jersey "Italians" living in a house by the ocean in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. From the way I hear it, this show is highly controversial because it exhibits several Italian stereotypes, from the fact that people think all Italians have dark features, to the flirtatious exotic ladies, to the 'Italian Stallion' stereotype of guys: big, muscular, Sylvester Stallone-like bodies. And FYI, these kids are not from New Jersey, most of them are from New York, a couple are from Rhode Island, etc.

IDK why people think reality shows are all that. There are only a few here and there that are good. If you really want to watch a good show from New Jersey, I'd recommend Cake Boss. It's about an Italian family run bakery in Hoboken. And plus, the only other show out of Jersey I like is The Sopranos.

My personal opinion on reality Tv is that it's taking over the TV. Anymore, you see ads for Survivor, on some remote island, or those "Real Housewives Of...". I'd love for them to do a "Real Housewives of Cincinnati". I'd pay to see that, hahahahahahahahaha. Or "Survivor: Cincinnati" or "Survivor: Antarctic". That would be funny, lol. My stepdad came up with the idea about the Arctic. As you can see and read, my family and me all have odd minds, lol. Those "Real Housewives" shows annoy me very highly. Because you have these women who look like they've seen more knives than Benihana and have probably been hit with more lasers than the Starship Enterprise. They all fight and complain, which I think is just for show. And Jersey Shore, ok, don't even get me started. That 'Snooki' chick is NOT ITALIAN! She is freakin' South American! The only reason people think she is Italian is because of her dark features and the fact that she is adopted by an Italian couple with the name Polizzi. Alot of people, including Italians, will say that not all Italians have dark features. Some Italian people have blue eyes, blonde hair, or green eyes. Like Italian actors Raoul Bova or Federico Castellucio, they're both Italian born and they have green and blue eyes.

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