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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Don't Know Why...

But I've been in a severe Beatles mood lately

Could have something to do with the fact that I'm assembling a puzzle of their Abbey Road album and I'm still trying to figure out how on Earth to work the DVD player at my house. I'm dying to watch Across the Universe for some God forsaken reason. IDK why, but the guy who plays Jude, Jim Sturgess, is extra sexy in the movie when he's singing and dancing!! And he looks an awful lot like a cross between a young George Harrison because of the dark eyebrows and a young Paul McCartney because of the baby faced good looks Paul had during the Beatles heyday

Oh, and random thought: the best thing about having your own room is you can design it your way. When next year rolls around, I'm hanging up a new calendar: The Beatles!! Yay me!! Yeah, I get excited 'cuz I can hang up stuff I like that no one else does in my room. And what's something to think about is these guys were only around for a few years, but look at the impact on music they made. They were the base inspiration for bands later to come. And what's cool is that when the move Across the Universe was being made, Paul was on the set to make sure the music was being done good. As well he should, considering him and John wrote half the songs!!

This puzzle was hard!!! Of all colors, almost all of them had to wear black!! thank God Ringo was wearing grey!!

Can you imagine being there at the airport and see the plane come in and then a few seconds later, see these guys emerging from the plane? I could never imagine seeing this day in history.

Despite what some people say about Ringo being the not so cute one, I disagree. I happen to think that Ringo is very attractive for his age. Come on, this guy is still making music, he has a lovely wife by his side, his son Zak is the drummer for one of the better known rock bands in music: The Who! What's not to like about him?

Wanted to take me and my aunt to go see this guy when he came to Cincinnati, OH and played at the local baseball stadium. But tickets were sky high! There's no way I could have afforded good tickets. Maybe up in the "nosebleeds", but not near the field!

Ringo was very handsome in his younger days...

I'm assembling this puzzle currently. I'm still working on trying to find the rest of John's leg, Ringo's stomach and hips.

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