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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1000th Post! Woo-Hoo!!!

I've reached my 1000th post. When I initially started this as a class assignment, I never thought I'd actually enjoy this, but it got more fun as it went along. The only reason I never enjoyed this at first was because I could not think of ideas or have anyone follow my blog. But as time went on, people followed it, and I followed other blogs. The first blog I followed outside school was Heart Shaped, done by a lovely English woman named Diane. Me and her both seem to like the movie The Full Monty. She has an awesome blog, I would recommend it if you love all things nature, arts and crafts. She rocks!
I have certainly changed alot since I first started this. I'm more mature, meaning I'm 21 instead of 19, my music tastes have changed, I'm beginning to like more music, such as Seal, Dusty Springfield, R&B music, and things. It makes people laugh that alot of the music I listen to tends to be predominantly British in origin. IDK what it is. And as for TV, that has had additions. I'm a pretty big fan of Law and Order: UK now. I started watching that show and I'm in love with the show. It's awesome! I never knew there was a British Law and Order out there, until I started watching it one night on BBC America, my dad was watching some Brit sci-fi show he likes, Primeval, which I also really like.

Anywho, I never thought I'd make it this far on the blog, but woo-hoo! I'm at post #1000. And hopefully there's more to come.....

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