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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3
-Back in China, Consul Han, who has now become Ambassador Han, is going to give a conference revealing names of all known Triad associates when he is suddenly shot. Lee and Carter are sent to Paris, France, but they come upon yet another case.

-While there, they are assigned protection detail to a French woman who has knowledge of all the secrets of the Triads' leaders. They are tattooed in characters on her head. While there, Lee holds a series of meetings with a United Nations authority. He is investigating a mysterious crime figure named Kenji, who is later revealed to be Lee's long-lost brother.

-But the 2 cops race against time and the Chinese Triads to protect the French woman, who is a singer, from the Triads, who will stop at nothing to silence her and keep the names of the Triad leaders a secret.

-Chris Tucker: Det. James Carter
-Jackie Chan: Inspector Lee
-Max von Sydow: Reynard
-Hiroyuki Sanada: Kenji
-Yvan Attal: George
-Youki Kudoh: Dragon Lady
-Noemie Lenoir: Genevieve
-Jingchu Zhang: Soo Young
-Tzi Ma: Ambassador Han
-Dana Ivey: Sister Agnes
-Henry O: Master Yu
-Mia Tyler: Marsha
-David Niven Jr.: British Foreign Minister
-Michael Chow: Chinese Foriegn Minister
-Oanh Nguyen: Mi

Did You Know?
-In the film, Chan says "I don't speak French" when in actuality, Chan speaks very fluent French
-In the Tower fight scene, Kenji, who is Japanese, wields a Jian, a traditional Chinese sword, and Lee, who is Chinese, wields a katana, a traditional Japanese sword. Talk about switching cultures!
-When Lee speaks to Kenji, they are speaking Japanese, the language in which Hiroyuki Sanada is familiar with

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